Men love to see breast of girl

The French Laboratory has conducted a research in which it has revealed that most of the men across the world love to see the breasts of girls. The research was conducted in the seven countries and it was checked that on which part of the girl, the eyes of both men and women go.

An attractive photo of a beautiful girl was taken. The girl was showing her breasts in the photograph. This picture was then shown to many men and women. It was found that the eyes of men first watched the breasts in the photo and the women stared at the wedding ring in the hands of the girl.

Men love to see girls breasts

It was also discovered that the men watch the girl’s breast for longer period of time as compared to the ladies watching the girl’s breast.

It was also discovered that the ladies watch the wedding ring in the hands of the girl for longer time-period as compared to the boys watching the wedding ring in the girl’s hands.

It was also asked from boys and girls who were made a participant in this survey that how the photo is appearing to them. While most of the ladies replied that it is a vulgar picture, the boys, on the other hand, said that the picture is hot, sexy and attractive and they love to see it.

This study was made by Miratech, a French company. The company used its eye tracking technology to check that where the eye-movements of the humans will go.

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The boys watched the breast for 37 percent much time as compared to the women. It was also seen that the French boys spent the longest time in watching the breast than any other country-men. They were 2.7 times ahead of British men.

On ladies side, the Danish and French women spent the longest time watching the breasts, which was double the time spent by the women of Spain and Britain.

The British men spent 127 times less time than their country’s women, watching the wedding ring. And on an average, the gentlemen took 27 percent less time than the ladies.

It was also concluded that the men love to see the lips more and the ladies love to see the eyes more.

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