Pregnant Ladies Gang caught in China

In China, a thieves gang of 47 ladies is being caught by Chinese Police. The shocking news is that in this gang, out of 47, mostly ladies are pregnant and not only this, their principle is to remain pregnant and steal in this way. Their belief is that no one suspects the pregnant ladies and they can easily do their jobs.

The gang, known as ‘Big Belly Gang’ was active from the last 10 years in the city. They have done almost 3000 thefts in the coastal areas of Hangzhou. They stole things from Malls and Bigger Showrooms.

How Big Belly Gang stole things

They were pure professionals. Their group worked on 40-60 basis. 40% were in Pregnancy condition and 60% in Non-Pregnancy. For one theft, 5 of them formed a small group in which 3 were normal ladies and 2 carrying offsprings. What they did is the 3 normal women grabbed the attention of shopkeepers and the remaining 2 stole the goods as no one can doubt any women carrying their offsprings.

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Also, China’s law is that it cannot keep such women for a longer period in the prison. Some of the women have already went in the jails many a times and been released on the same day. One of the founders was arrested by 47 times and released immediately.
Pregnant Ladies Big Belly Gang

It should also be noted here that China has 1-child policy and some of these members have 3 to 8 children at their homes and they are also violating China’s Government Children Policy.

Their husbands stayed at home and looked after the children and the wives worked outside, stole the things and then sell them in exchange of handful of money.

Their number was increasing day by day and currently when police got hold of all of them, the number already climbed to 47.

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