American Man Andi Ray Haris eat rat alive

Andy Ray Harris, a 31 years old man living in Utah, United States of America has been offered clean chit by American court. Andy Ray Harris was charged for eating rat alive and the opposite lawyer convicted him of animal cruelty.

The people who opposed his rat eating act said that it is a severe animal cruelty and the man should not have done this. They were demanding to have some action to be taken against him.

The charges of animal cruelty were set against him in the month of April. He was seen eating alive rat in a video that was posted on the biggest social networking channel Facebook.

Andi Re Haris eating rat

As per ‘The Salt Lake Tribune’, a very short video of about 45 seconds was posted on Facebook, which was showing that the American man was eating a small rat and the cruel thing was that the small animal was alive. The rat was very small in size.

Harris’s friends were shouting and encouraging him to eat the animal which was moving on a piece of paper. At their encouragement, Harris took the animal in his hand and put in his mouth. Then he ate it.

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The opponent lawyer in the court said that since such small animals are of no danger to any human being and so they should be respected. They should not be killed in this way. To this, Andy said that he has not done any act of animal-cruelty. A snake was just about to eat that animal. If he would not have killed it then the snake might have eaten it. Moreover, no government can provide any security to such small animals. So, he has not done anything wrong by eating him.

The magistrate, when heard all the comments from both the sides, agreed to release Andy and said that he cannot be charged on this thing. He added that the man is correct and the scenario that he described does not permit the court to charge him and give him any sort of sufferings.

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