World’s Smallest Hospital – Nanha Farishta

The world’s smallest hospital is made by a spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS).

DSS is a spiritual and social organization that is located in Sirsa, Haryana of India and has more than 40 million volunteers worldwide. Dera Sacha Sauda does not take any type of donations from anybody in any form.

The hospital is not built in any building, infact it’s in a moving vehicle. And so, is also known as Mobile Hospital.

The smallest hospital of the world located inside a Trax Cruiser is fabricated and designed by the Spiritual Master Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of this Spiritual Establishment.

Special care is been taken in its construction and size. The size is kept so small so that it can be easily taken in any of the remote areas of India whether it may be some small villages that have narrow mud roads.

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Also, the strange thing of this Mobile Hospital is that it has almost all the modern facilities that are available in the big hospitals. The doctors can perform any type of operation or surgery with the equipments and the machines that it has.

Worlds Smallest Hospital - Farishta
Worlds Smallest Hospital


World’s Smallest Hospital – Facilities

• X-Ray
• Autoclave Lab
• Refrigerator
• Keratometer
• Nebulizer
• Generator
• Anaesthesia Machine
• Ultrasound for Eyes
• ….etc……

Operations in World’s Smallest Hospital

• Laparoscopy
• Ordinary
• Phaco
• Keratoplasty
• ..etc…

It has an Operation Theatre, Labor Room, Medical Store and Intensive Care Unit.

Initially, it was built in a Tata 407 van but later it was moved completely in a Trax Cruiser Motor Vehicle. The reason of changing the vehicle was that since the speed of Tata 407 is limited, it was unable to reach the rescue areas at proper times.

It is named as Nanha Farishta (In Hindi, Nanha means small and Farishta means Angel). It is considered as small angel that reaches everywhere on time, treats the needy and provides him comfort by healing his illness completely.

This Smallest Mobile Hospital of World has recorded its name in Limca Book of World Records.


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