Foreign Trainers are hired as Libyans Forgot How to Vote

The Revolution brought its fruit and now the Libyans can see finally the election days in their Libya. Libyans are able to see the election days after generations. Kids ask their grand pa’s innocently that what the hell election is. Whatsoever, they love election as they got holidays from school. They don’t know really what election is but they love it.

Libyan Election 2012
Libyan Election 2012

After the assassination of Qazafi, Libya stepped into democracy. They decided election but problem was that how to do that? It has been 50 years since last election in Libya. The people, who had any knowledge about Elections, have died years before. An entire generation is totally unaware of the election and its procedure. So there came the problem how to hold election in Libya?

Few smart geeks gave a beautiful idea. They started searching on the web for election definition and finally they found it on Wikipedia. They were lucky that Wikipedia not just told about election but it also revealed some election procedure with some reference links. Finally they got the idea that how to hold election in Libya.

Though most of the officials claimed that they have complete idea about election and its procedure but there was still some hesitation as it was the very first time in their life and the first experience is always risky. Another problem was that how to tell people about election, how to teach them about voting procedure. Well, an intelligent person like me suggested hiring some professional for this whole task.

All were out of budget so they had to sale out Qazafi’s Gold Teeth and the Gold Gun to collect some funds to pay the foreign experts in Election. A person has some idea about Freelancing websites so a project was posted on the freelancing website about election in Libya. A report told that few bids could be seen on the project. The lowest bid was once again from Bangladeshi who claimed that he will handle the whole project in $150. Well nothing to amaze as Bangladeshi can do anything in $150.

Now bidder is finalized yet as still the project is open for bidding. They are waiting for some more bids so they will have some better choice. Let’s see who gets so much luck to hold election in a state where generations had no idea about election.                 Good News is that Libyans are lucky to see election after 50 years.

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  1. Are you serious, you gotta be kidding me! It could be possible, LOL. Libyans need to learn it.

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