List of Top 10 World’s Richest Persons

The famous magazine Forbes has declared the top-most wealthiest persons on earth and has put the names in a list. In this 2010 list of Forbes, there are some old faces like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Indians need to be proud on some of the Indian personalities like Mr. Lakshmi Mittal and Mukesh Ambani. The surprise is that this time, a new name Carlos Slim Helu has made its entry in the Top 10 wealthiest persons list. And to more surprise is that the person has made its name on number 1 position. He is now from nowhere to Number – 1.

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Here is the list of top ten richest people in the world. More information you can get from here Forbes
1.) Carlos Slim Helu – Mexico – 53.5 billion
Sources – Telecoms
Fact – Donating 65 million to fund research for genomic medicines.

2.) Bill Gates – The United States – 53 billion
Income From – Microsoft
Fact – Mr. Gates now does not manages his founded company Microsoft on daily basis. Instead now he works on the tasks for the welfare of humanity with his wife Melinda. Both spend their time in the human welfare works and say that they feel very good in doing this. Mr. Bill Gates is very proud of what he is doing now.

3.) Warren Buffet from America – 47 billion
Source – Investments
Quote – “We have put a lot of money to work during the chaos of last 2 years. When it is gold-rain, reach for a bucket, not a small metal cap.”

4.) Mukesh Ambani – India – 29 billion
Origin – Petrochemicals
Information – He has an IPL cricket team by the name Mumbai Indians.

5.) Lakshmi Mittal – India – 28.7 billion
Income From – Steel
Facts – For 2012 Olympic Games, he is funding a 400 foot sculpture in London, England.

6.) Lawrence Ellison – USA – 28 billion
Sources – Company Oracle
Info – Studied at the University of Chicago but unfortunately or fortunately did not complete the graduation.

7.) Bernard Arnault – France – 27.5 billion
Source – Luxury goods
Facts – An accomplished pianist.

8.) Eike Batista – Brazil – 27 billion
Sources – Oil and Mining.
Fact – Vows to become the wealthiest man of world.

9.) Amancio Ortega – Spain – 25 billion
Origin – Fashion retail
Facts – You will be surprised to know that this person hates the Neck-ties.

10.) Karl Albrecht – Germany – 23.5 billion
Generator – Supermarkets
Concept – Has more than something around one thousand superstores in United States of America.

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      Bank Name: Bank Of America

  48. sir i am arshad i do my job very will but last 3 years losses my work i incam but exp is not stop sir i am 45 years old my body is no go hard work sir only request u plz help then do shop keper




    Respected Sir,
    I am asha from India kerala
    i am homeless family member,my parents are very old,
    my child is 3 age healthy food need my child,
    no educational support & no financial and no clean dress
    i am very sad mother,please help my child and my family
    and husband is illness person..
    i face any homeless problems,
    i beg for kindly helping hand
    please help me………..i am a hope less women

  50. Abdul Azeem Adil


    Financial Assistance Department

    Respected sir,

    Sub- Need financial assistance for post kidney transplant treatment

    I Abdul Azeem Adil most respectfully and humbly beg to submit the following few lines for your kind consideration and favorable help.

    I the above name person suffering from chronic renal failure got kidney transplant on 04-05-2006 at the NIZAM INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES Hospital, located at panjagutta, Hyderabad, after transplant doctor advised me necessary investigations and medicines which I have to continue for my whole life, and if i fail to continue the treatment as there is a possibility of loss of my life as advised by the doctors

    Sir whatever we have sold everything for my treatment to save my life, my present financial status of my family is very poor and its very difficult for me to continue the present medication expenditure which comes every month Approx-Rs.-6,500 – 7,000 which I have to continue for my whole life,

    I belongs to a middle class family and it’s very difficult for me to meet the expenditure incurred for my necessary medicines which comes nearly Rs- 6,500–7,000 per month,
    as we don’t have any other sources of income or alternatives except to approach you applying for your generous help

    sir i am married and have two childrens, i am working in Acounts dept in a travel office after doing hard work i am unable to bear the burden of my treatment expenditure , sir please take my request and do some needful help

    I once again humbly request you to kindly do some favorable help for my post transplant life saving medicines which I have to continue for my whole life, waiting your positive reply from your kind heart

    Thanking you,

  51. Taofeeq okeowo

    Sir, i am from nigeria, am a professional printer, i dont have connection to get jobs from individual, companies, banks and organisation. I want u to connect me to individual, company and bank that can help me financially and give me jobs. Plz assist me.

  52. My name is Jay and I am currently running a Blog for raising Wedding Funds for me and my Fiancee’s wedding.

    I was writing to you to see if you would be interested in participating by offering a small donation (can be as little as £1.00) towards our wedding fund. It is quick and simple and can be done via PayPal.

    You can view the blog here; theweddingfund.wordpress.c0m

    We are just looking for some help in getting settled down as a couple. The plan is for us to raise £30,000 by 2013 so that me and my partner can get married next year and settle down together. We are not asking for hundreds or thousands, just whatever you can spare to help put us in the right direction.

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    God Bless


  53. ramanamurthy


    i am 50years old and i tried my level best for everything but till this time i am not yet settled i am very poor not having standard income, children in education, i don’t have any thing. health is not considered for doing strain. i want to start my own business and get some standard income monthly. i need and seeking some helping hand for settle and servive my family please help me either providing a job or finance help. i am a post graduate of M.Com from Nagarjuna Univeristy, India.

    seeking your favaourble hand in this regard.

    thanking you,
    nvr murthy

  54. md.anwar hossain

    hi,all rich man’s in the world,how are you?i am a so poorman in the world,in live bangladesh,pls any body give me some money for treatment of my father.

  55. shaik mastan.

    Respected to all the richest and helpfull person (1)Mr.Carlos slim helu, (2)Mr. Bill gates, (3)Mr.Warren buffet, (4)Mr. Mukesh Ambani, (5)Mr. Lakshmi mittal,(6)Mr.Lawrence ellison, (7) Mr.Eike batista, (9)Mr.Amanico ortega, (10)Mr.Karl Albrecht.I am from hyderabad,india. Actually iam from poor family.But i have seen many bad condition and poor peoples than me.I saw here many poor childrens is not getting better food and education and also not having even a good milk to drink.I saw many mothers is in search of food to feed thier childrens but they did not get even that.Actually,from my childhood i have been very social minded and also then later on wheni got to do small job i was able to do with the socail works,i mean wherever i have been i was about to do like social mind and with much better understanding.So now,after being a some long time.i have established one project which is a multi project & it’s name is UNITED SOCIAL WELFARE SERVICE project which is only for poor peoples and thier family and for multi religions.I has established it long time before but unable to start as my financial position was not expected to start this.And i can’t take loan from any bank in india why because bank will not give loan to poor peoples easily and also many formailites has to follow.So that is why iam here to request you to please help me to start this multi project which will make a life in a good condition and also can live systematically for not only me but for all the poor peoples.I would to give you some details of this project.Under this multi project,it has (1)Diary farm & Diary plant with free milk supply to poor and motherless children.(2)Poultry farm and Boiler birds, (3) Sheep farm, (4) Fish farm & OtherS.This project have a land of 100 acres need to purchase and this project total cost is 5 million (USD) .i will give you the full details when you people will wiling to help to start this project please i request you t contact me on my E-mail address or please call me on my phone number or please if you want to send fund or this project online. Please,by the above details you can help me in the name of the god.And i know god have made you this much rich and may be your heart is more big than this having of the fund.I mean,yo people can help us in any way.But i don’t want to give load or burden to single person,i just want if possible,i want to request you 10 richest billionaire to please contribute each and every richest billionaire to start this project and if you richest people want to give as a loan,so after this project start with the help of your money so i will recover it back as soon as the project starts and the person who were going to help to start this project i will truly say that god bless him & i know that you richest peoples can and always ready to help the poor and the needy. Please,we are at your doorstep to request for help us.As i want to say you something about me that i am social minded person and i hate socail evils like cheat,fraud,corrupt etc. I am sincere & responsible person and i don’t want to be and i don’t wish that i should be rich myself and i don’t have a habit to eat myself alone whoever may it be rich or poor big or small,first i keep others let eat and drink than i comes me.I mean to say that i respect each and every person may it be man or women elder or younger.I know that you people are like this only that what god has given me the way through this site to seek help.I hope you people give me response instantly and i am waiting for you reply.If anything goes wrong in this letter so i am extremely sorry.Thanks

  56. Mercy Burton

    My life is stranger than fiction. Brought up a family of three children, husband employed on Central Railway, Bombay, India. Expired 13/01/1990 at Pune (Old Poona). Never dreamt that I would one day be requesting for financial help to save me and my three children and grandchildren’s lives. First investment in a private chemical company in Bombay, India which forced us to sue the two partners in 1984, which cost us all our savings. Never received even one rupee till 2000. We were just taken for a clear ride financially. This cost us almost our lives till date as we went from one investment to another trying our utmost to free ourselves and help us progress as we were all employed. But each time we invested, alongwith other investors in all states of india all were cheated and no help from the Law either. During my lifetime, I was meployed by prestigeous firms eg. Forbes Forbes Campbell, Caltex later Hindustan Petroleum, Crompton Greaves, all branches, Telco/Tatas all branches in Bombay. Started as Telephone/Receptionist/Telex Operator, rose to Sales & Marketing Manager, but owing to my late husband investing all our savings in the first chemical company we lost all our finances and savings. Running to Commissioner’s offices, Mumbai/Pune, Courts, EOW offices submitting all documents as proofs. did not recover even one rupee.
    Brought up an honest, good, lawabiding family who did well in their studies. But the financial losses and cheating ruined my wonderful family and we are now all forced to seperate and just managing to stay alive.
    Would appreciate if any Philanthropist or Billionaire like Bill Gates or other Billionaires could help me a widow past 22years could help me out financially to bring peace and progress to me and my family members who have all suffered for just trusting these investment companies. We are without our own home as we do not have money to buy one as prices are escalating daily. My late husband Denzil Elmo Burton is a descendant
    of Sir Richard Francis Burton of Taum in Ireland, but we were deprived of claiming any Inheritance of the Burton Library in London as it has been sold and money disposed of.
    Past 25years we are being blocked from progressing because of Tracing our European Roots/Family Tree, in India because of Political Hatred against the British Raj and their descendants in India. Most of our community Eurasians, later known as Anglo Indian fled India but many like us were caught up in courtcases and not financially well off so were forced to stay back in India only to suffer persecution, and Blocked from rising.

    Mrs. Mercy Buron.


    I am rima banerjee. I live in w.b.i am 23 years old.i am handicapped.sir i am very poor.sir i need many money.please help me same money.please consider to me.i am glad to you.
    Please trust me and help me out of my problem.

  58. kindly please if you have a heart of donating from your income a little bit you may donate to those people who are homeless and those who have no hands and legs and for those who have nothing to eat,if u feel love in your heart please donate ,it dosent matter to whom you give to me or to the people poor near to your place,give charity with an open heart the amount may be small or big..thank you

  59. sharifa m said

    I am a third year student of st Augustine university of Tanzania in east Africa,am requesting for your from you,since i am about to complete my studies i would like to start my own business but i have no fund since the business will take care of me and my family moreover in Tanzania jobs are not available.please help me.

  60. Md. Faroque Hossain.

    The Head of Department
    Trust Fund.
    Sub: Prayer for help the money for your poor fund.
    Dear Sir,
    I beg most respectfully state that I am Md. Faroque Hossain citizen of Bangladesh. My age is 32 years. I come fro very poor family. My Father is died. My mother and my wife is house wife. I have 1 son, his 6 years old. my wife is pregnant. Sir I am service in a Pvt. company but my income is very close that I cannot to bear my family cost & other expenses. I am not bear my wife pregnancy medical treatment, I am unable to purchase medicine for my wife. Sir not my land & deposit money. So I want to help money in your poor fund as a poor international human. So sir if you provide me a something money as your like best. So i grateful to you in my hole life. Sir if you provide help me my accounts details are given below.

  61. hello peopel my name is adem dobratiqi fsh.lebane kosovo [prishtina] I am whery poor men I live with 2 children in social for 60 euro in the month thet is not enoph for as, pleas helpo me how mach you can. hier is my name of beneficiary bank. .you can send me money is thes telephon number is .thenk you

  62. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    How are you? My name is shobha.I am from Vamanjoor, Mangalore. at home we are 5 members. 3 sisters me and my mother. we are 7 children (All girls) 3 are married. we don’t have our own house and we are suffering from money. we want financial help from you. you will give little also we will happy. we are Roman Catholic. we are praying for your good health and support.

  63. Hello,
    My name is Zulaiha but am mostly called by friends as Zulai and am 28 years of age. it is said he who give never lacks, i wish i was on the path of giving but it is the will of the lordd that i should be seeking and who knows tommoro i might be giving out and i pray that i should have the faith of giving when is due like you the one reading it have that faith as well.
    I am asking for funds to enable me start a business to take care of my daily needs, that of my granny and that my younger brother who is in his final year in the senior high school and soon will be going to the university if the god lord permit but all thi wil not be possible if i have nothing to prepare for the task ahead, i therefore plead with Mr.Carlos Slim Helu, Mr.Bill Gates, Mr.Warren Buffet, Mr,Lawrence Ellison, Mr.Bernard Arnault and many more.
    GIVE IN THE NAME OF THE LORD AND YOU SHALL BE REWARDED IN HIS NAME. ……………………. is my private email. can not wait to read from you as you read my note even if you are not able to help i know the good lord will surelly bless for having the time to go through this.
    thank you

  64. annette smith

    hi mr Bill hubby has no job now just wenever he can, hes a Hero to us his family …he always thinks of others first before himself..when the qld floods were raging he drove a truckload of water and food to people who were afraid of outcome and were short of necessities..he drove past signposts and when he arrived even the army was pleased to see him…now he has no job ,no money ,mounting debts but would love to buy a truck to continue serving people who need help in future and have an income…all he needs is 200..000 for first year and then he will be able to start his business of his own..i think an appropriate name if he gets financial assistance from you will be Gates trucking….which is mine as he hasnt got one …looking forward to hearing from you mr Gates…cheers peter and annette smith..

  65. Udayakumar

    Dear Sir, SOS – I am from Kerala (India) working in West Bengal (India). Afraid to move with family, life has become a big question mark for us because of the debts, becausing of my helping mentality. Need financial help about 7 lakhs to pay back. Deadline by 27th June. Kindly consider the genuineness and help. With all gratitude and regards to the Trust members.

  66. I am pregnant & family have disowned me, my boyfriend has left me now also & I am only 22, full of debt and my little girls on the way very soon. I am asking please of donations, small or large but I need to pay these debts of and look after me and my baby. I would be so grateful thankyou. £

  67. Dayashankar G Kori

    Very urgent need financial help due to not earn more.

  68. Stella Akware

    Am stella from Uganda. Am homeless and kindly requesting for financial assistance to have a roof over my head and some finances to start a business. Please help me out.
    God Bless you

  69. Stella Akware

    This is good when the blessed people in the world help the less previlleged ones

  70. To:
    Dear Bgate and his friends / iam from somaliland Hargeysa /tel 0025224415618
    somaliland nurses /\iam requesting you humanitarian assitance through
    www, Hargeysa somaliland\]\accounts
    faysalshukri and his wife from somaliland nurses and large families affected by
    socio economics


    Honorable Respected Sir/Madam,

    My Name is N.S.SRIDHAR, B.A., P.G.D.C I am self employee. My Dependent Mother, Wife, Two Children.

    My Family History We is five members. My elder sister married and settled. Younger Sister Married and Settled. My elder Brother passed away in 1995. My father passed away in 1996. My younger brother passed away 2003. .

    At that time my elder brother we are all join Family. We shared Hospital Expenditure. Nearly 1 lakh. Suddenly he pass way the formality and other expenses Rs.35,000/- God again play my life my father worried my brother dead. He is in Malar Hospital and kidney failure and passed away. We are hospital expense Rs.2 lakhs + formality Rs. 65,000/- After that my younger Brother Ramachandra Hospital Rs. 2lakhs + formality Rs. 60,000/- that expenses my self only.

    In that situation My Mother NEE Problem (ORTHO) and Father and brother’s expired feelings she sick patient. My mother is sugar patient. My wife is anemic and Iron defections. She also sick patient.

    I am working in Charitable Organisation. 2005 I have resigned and few loans settled. Start with self employment D.T.P. Centre. I have take loan and run. There also limited incomes only come. I have paid the Loan and running family it’s very difficult. Total out standing Loan Rs.5 lakhs.
    I have documents to prove my case to you if wish that so I am too disturb , if you all people pay small amount to me so I can finish this as soon as possible,

    My son is promoted from XI to XII Std., My Daughter is Promoted from IV to V Std. Both of them are Outstanding Students.

    So I need financial help for others. Please kindly give Financial help Please all of help me.

    Please, please, please.

  72. mohammad bodlu

    I am sending this letter to my god,plz help me some money to me,i needed $10,000 .this amount not a $10,000 USD,this a life of main.oh! my god plz help me. i am waitting for your help.

  73. Little Hope

    To whom this may concern i am in need of any help that god will allow you to spare. I’m with health problems no job can’t work due to mediciations i’m on I have no government assistant. I was born with a few birth defeacts which has destroyed my way of looking and living life. I will soon once again have no where to lay my head no way around struggle to find work with bad work history due to my illness.Bills that are to much for me i have nothing in life of value but my soul and i’m trying to keep that until i’m gone. In God’s name i ask for help what ever !!!!! it will be a blessing. Thanks for hearing a poor lost soul

    May God continue to bless you all

  74. iftikhar hussain shah

    Dear sir, or madam.

    i have 4 kids 2 are going to school 3rd one is 3 years old he have PASDRA..In dr language problem is ho do not have bad urine whole from natural
    now he is contineu on opration doctors making that whole he will prove but i can not do work because doctors can not cear him continew
    so i can not work at any wear i can not continew others kids food and school fee
    please help me in money or hospital support.
    thanks in advance i will pray for yours kids
    best regard



  76. Iqbal Shareef

    Thursday Aug 23, 2012
    The Director,

    Subject: Loan Application for the Purchase of Sound System

    Respected Sir
    My name is Iqbal Sharif. I am 32 years old and a resident of Multan . Currently I am working as a sound system operator for a private company. With my current employment I am able to earn USD 100 to 150 monthly.
    I have a family of my own and this income is too low to support my 7 family members. I seek support of USD 3000/- from your organization for purchasing my own sound system. I intend to use this sound system for various Religious related activities and other functions to have dignified survival. Your support will augment my monthly income to as much as USD 500-750/month and above. If you can not give me this amount you can send me 1 Pair of SP4, 1 Pair of SP2 of Peavey Speakers and one 16 channels mixer of Peavey. I expect to return this loan as per your schedule of installment.

  77. hello am ssaka dan an orphan from uganda i completed A level but failed to join university though i passed we are poor i want help to go to university coz am poor help me to go university am 21yrs christian help me


  79. hi dear people. very need help for live for poor famaly…. pelasy help me



  81. everybody in this world are selfish .any rich person can spend money for charity for showoff but not by heart to help others .todays world, any body can give thier 30% income to corrupt govt but not a single pie to help any needy person.
    and in our sorrounding people will help to create problem in our life but not help to solve problem.i am also struggling in my life to rectify my problem which was created and i believe time will solve every thing so be patient wait .

  82. spected sir.

    I am an Indian Muslim woman. My father died on 7th January 20 012. He was paralyzed after an accident. A few months after my sister lost her husband in a heart attack. They’ve got 4 children. The elder son (14 years) , (12 years), tayba Fatima (8 years of age) and tahura Fatima (7 years old) were going to school. after My father and my brother inlaw death. There was no one to provide for us. My sister is our the main bread winner and I arm unable to work because I am a patient of arthritis since the child hood . There is no life here for me and my sister’s children, and all my family have left. The future of the children weighs heavily on my mind.
    We are short of many things . Our house is in desperate need of structural repair, and we expect it to collapse day by day. Especially on a rainy day when it rains very heavily. How ever, even if we lived at better house, and there are other problems, such as lack of food, clothing and educational materials.
    lthough our situation remain desperate, small kindness to little financial aid.

    my mother is sick .she is very weak due to lake of food.i have lost my father 6th months before and i don’t want to lost my mother.her life is very precious for us.
    Please help us and send school fees and educational expenses monthaly for these children.I am not asking lots of money just help by little .if you want varify my problem then i will give you my address and visit to see how much we are facing problems.really its a very hard time.
    i am giving my bank account number if you have to send me then please just send me that will help .may god enlighten your heart and help me through your hand .May god bless on you.

  83. Dear sir
    i need money to buy home but finacially im weak
    please help me for home otherwise something bad happen with me
    contact me asap
    god will help you !!!!

  84. Jouata MASHIAY

    Dear Sirs,

    This is an unique opportunity offered to me to have the expectation that I will certainly come out of 45 years boundage, long suffering and hardship, I will deeply be gratefull and glad, if my distressfull cry could retain your attention.

    I am a native of Benin Rep/West Africa, have miraculously succeeding in escaping from ritual and spiritual servitude preventing me from leaving a normal human and woman’s life.

    However am exposed to long term and very severe persecution from my family people.

    At the end of the day, although I finished University 20 years ago, fully bilingual French English undergraduated; today, I sincerely have nothing to show: no shelter, no job, no resources to meet ends, nothing, nothing and nothing!.

    I need to move out of this place for my healing and restoration: I am, then in need of a minimum of 10000 USD, to be able to get back to my feet.

    I am hereby begging either for the total Amount, OR at least the half in order not to loose my life, for I am right now in a very vulnerable, pathetic and criticable situation.

    I will appreciate a lot you came to my rescue as soon and possible as you can.

    The Almighty GOD will reward you more then hundred folds for that.

    Should you require more details and info, please feel free to let me know through my Email address and I can then provide more details and eventually referees.

    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Jouata Mashiay

  85. sanjay agrawal

    hello rich person in the world i request please help me for money i am poor indian person i need urgent money so please help me i am wating replys


    Please help ME


    Dear sir, Iam from Papua New Guinea a third world country. located north of Australia,I am currently studying at the university of Goroka in Papua New Guinea. Due to high level of poverty in the country i find it difficult fInancially to commplete my education so please could you kindly assist me.

    Thakkyou so much!

  87. md dostogir hossain manik

    dear sir Lawrence Ellison
    i need a job.i m 36 years old.i m single.i love my mom.i need any kind of job like cliner, houskeeper.sir ples help me.i need a job.
    md dostogir hossain

  88. Rowena Sisk

    I am laid off and unemployed. Just need $2,000 to get out of debt, pay medical bills, buy some food & make minor repains to a running 1992 Cadillac Brougham. This would put me back on track. Thank you for any help you can give.

  89. I am a third year medical student studding eastern university in Srilanka. I am trying to search some scholarships to over come my financial problems.

    Unlike other university, hear we don’t have much facilities, basic think like canteen and hostel. So i have to find every thing in my own. my faculty is more than 250 km away from my home. because I rent a room, foods from out side. nearly 20000 Rs (150 U.S Dollar), thank god the education is free hear, otherwise be a surgeon is just a dream. I just enter the 3rd year so i have to spend 25000 Rs (194 U.S Dollar) for my clinical books and 12000 Rs (94 U.S Dollar) for a stethoscope.

    I will be great full, if you consider about this and help in any hand.Thank you

  90. Hi there,
    I need some loan of RM50,000.
    I have very bad debts and I need to settle it as soon as possible.
    I’ll pay u back in instalment of 8years because i can only afford to pay RM500 in a month.
    Can you kindly help me?

  91. Kuziwakwashe Chikodzore

    You are very innovative and you have helped transform this world you have inspired me.Iam seeking financial assistance to start a business in my country zimbabwe am a widow who is poor my husband left me with nothing i need to take care of my kids.

  92. sir i am bangladesi i want help from your financial poor fund. call me please

  93. I need financial help to survive, and study further. Is there anyone to help me by providing 8000-10000$ ?? Im really helpless need help immidietly 🙁

  94. Kuziwakwashe Chikodzore

    Hie Warren Buff can you be my hero and help me financially iam a widow wishing to set up a business to take care of my kids

  95. From : Elias Toea, Founder Friends of Hope Indonesia Inc
    Date : November 1, 2012
    Subject : A proposal to purchase Building Materials to build Counseling Ministry House and Community income small projects in 10 villages among the poor people.


    I am writing to propose a solution to our ministry need. The first problem is that our Counseling Ministry has no proper building to do counseling. And the second problem is we want to help 200 poor families in 10 villages here in North Sumatra. Since 2006 we rent small houses for Counseling. Every year we move from house to house. I recommend that we build a new house for Counseling and foundation office. I hope that you will approve this proposal of Building a new Counseling house and helping 200 poor village families. Your kind donation to Friends of Hope will make a big impact in the lives of many people. Through Counseling Ministry Friends of Hope will identify the needs and through you donation hunderds of people in North Sumatra Indonesia will be supported.

    The Problem with Current Counseling House and Ministry.

    Currently, we are based in Simalingkar Houseing Estate. Our Counseling house is located 60 meters from a small river. In April 2011 the river over flooded after 3 days of heavy rain. One computer, a printer, one table, one cupboard and other counseling materials were destroyed.

    A Solution to the Problem

    The safe house for counseling and small income generating projects in 10 villqges will benefit to a lot of


    The safe house for counseling , office equipment and income small community projects for the poor people in 10 villages will benefit thousands of people in the years to come.

    Safe House for

    USD 120.000

    Office equipment
    USD 5.000

    10 villages
    USD 1.000 per project
    200 projects
    USD 200.000

    Other Expense
    USD 50.000

    Total Cost
    USD 375.000

    As you can see, the Safe house and other cost are not very expensive when you consider the great effects they will have with the people that we will serve.


    In conclusion, I think it would be a great benefit to our ministry for you to approve this proposal. This program will ensure that every hopeless people that we serve will be able to accept them selves and they will be helpful to others. I really hope that you will think about approving this proposal for our hope ministries to the hopeless.

  96. Dear Sir!

    Two years ago,I lost my job,because the factory where I worked was bankrupt.Here Serbia I can’t find another job.I’d like to start a new life in Australia.I’m ready for every kind of job.Only not on high.I was looking for a help from my uncle,who lives in Brisbane in Australia,because I know that he could to help,but he wont’s.He is too cruel and selfish.I am tired of this life here,so please,if you can,help me in by $10.000.After my arrive in Australia,and when I’ll get a job,I would give you back any single cent.I’d be very grateful to you.I want to emigrate to Australia to work.

    Thank you.

  97. Ms kate Atkinson

    Hello ,

    My name is kate Atkinson; I work with the Prime Investigations, a consulting Firm in London, UK. We are conducting a standard process
    investigation involving a client who shares the same name with you and also the circumstances surrounding investments made by this client at HSBC Bank.
    The HSBC Private Banking client died intestate and nominated no next of kin to inherit the title over the investments made with HSBC Bank. The
    essence of this communication with you is to request that you provide us information on three issues:
    1-Are you aware of any relative/relation having the same surname, whose last known contact address was Madrid, Spain?
    2-Are you aware of any investment of considerable value made by such a person at the HSBC Bank?
    3-Can you establish beyond reasonable doubt your eligibility to assume status of next of kin to the deceased?
    It is pertinent that you inform us ASAP whether or not you are familiar with this personality that we may put an end to this communication with
    you and our inquiries surrounding this personality.
    You must appreciate that we are constrained from providing you with more detailed information at this point.PLEASE RESPOND BACK TO MY PRIVATE AND
    DIRECT EMAIL ADDRESS, as soon as possible to afford us the opportunity to close this investigation.
    Thank you for accommodating our enquirer.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ms kate Atkinson
    Prime Investigations
    This is a confidential message from Prime Investigations

  98. Kuziwakwashe Chikodzore

    Can i have Bill Gates personal email address i want to communicate with him.

  99. Kuziwakwashe Chikodzore

    Iam seeking financial assistance from the rich people can you assist me iam poor and praying for a financial breakthrough for me and my kids iam a widow.

  100. hello,sir
    my name is saliu from taraba state in nigeria i need your help .

  101. I Need Help.

  102. need help

  103. I am poor plz help me money

  104. Md. Faroque Hossain

    Dear Sir,
    I am Md. Faroque Hossain. I am Poor. Please help me sir.

  105. Namanya Muhima

    Firstly I would like to introduce my self to you.

    My complete name is :Namanya Muhima Mackos

    Date of birth : 21/Nov/1993

    Sex: male

    Country: Uganda

    Occupation :Pharmacy student,1st year.

    Presently I am at the second year studying pharmacy at East west college of pharmacy. But I cannot continue my study any more to the next semester (the following year) because my family cannot support me. Actually I come from a poor family.

    I found your email in my google . The purpose of my visiting you is I would like to submit my proposal to you.
    .In my request I have putted amount money. These money I will use it to pay the university, rent house, food, buying books, transportation from my country to and to treat also the documents that needed and etc.


    Ø College hostel US $ 100/month X 36 months (3 Years) = USD $ 3600
    Ø Payment per semester US $3000/semester X 3 years =
    USD $ 9000
    Ø Final Graduation from the University = USD $ 1,000
    Ø Food, transportation, Photocopy and etc per month 75,00×36 months= USD $ 2,700
    Ø Transportation for coming back from India to Uganda= USD $ 700

    That is my proposal and hopefully may you will consider my situation.

    Thanks in advance and may God bless you.

    Best regards,

    Namanya Muhima Mackos

  106. Mussa Khamis Mussa

    Re: Application for Scholarship in 2013


    I have honorable to submit my application concerned the above mentioned subjects.

    I’m Tanzania national, born in Zanzibar Island in 11 January 1975. I was completed to study Advanced Certificate Education in 1995 at Lumumba Secondary Education in Tanzania. And I had opportunity to study several Computer courses in different professions that I believe you will help me.

    I would like you to beg to help me in accommodation fees and ticket from home to Malaysia at SEGi University in Malaysia, but the tuition fees I will pay myself, because I can’t afford to pay all fees by myself, and all support documents I sent to you, just open the attachments at see the details of University.

    I hope you will reply me very soon, if you accept my application.

    Thank you in advanced

    You’re faithful

    Mussa Khamis Mussa
    East – Africa.

  107. Dear sir,madam
    Myself from a middle class family, need money to in-prove my existing business.
    Hope i get some help. wish to get settled an see the best future an give the best to family. Help me, there after u finish up with the poor once,an at the last what ever u can do the best for me.
    Thanking you yours faithfully

  108. Dear sir/medam I am working in sri talpagiri ranganadh swamy temple in andhrapradesh, nellore town and dt. working from 29-12- 2001
    consolidated ateder. that temple e.o. frod mine. so 5 laksh credited the local.My qualification M.A.and computer diploma.
    my head officers not respond my problems.from two months empty in my house. financial torchers and troubles settled after
    i am work in temple. present suiside stage in my family.
    please help me.
    Thanking you yours faithfully,

  109. zibon Rahman

    dear honorable sir,
    I am a Bangladeshi.
    i want to spreed the IT (Information & Technology) training in our poor villagers they are so Intelligent. but they don’t know computer & Internet. I want to spreed the light of computer in there’s. so i need about 8,00,000 BDT (BANGLADESHI TAKA)For buy computers & others equipments. I can not bear this cost because I am a poor man+student. this is my 10 years dream. if you want i will set and stand my dream. the needed amount is $10000. please donate and HELP for mankind sir.

    Thank your sir.
    your obeyed

  110. bojana babic

    Hello, I’m Bojan Babic from Serbia Kraljevo I was 38 years old … I am a professional hairdresser …. I participated in many competitions in Serbia and abroad ….. I won 8 award in 2002 Wiena the European Championships in Viena. participated inI world Championships in Las Vegas …. Unfortunately, only a recall …. 2010 my city was hit by an earthquake, as many people here still have not recovered from the effects … I need help so I restarted salon my parlor ….. was killed in the earthquake, very little equipment … I managed to save hard for me as I write this, but I find no other solution .. and I strongly back your salon ….. I know I’d invested in short time was paid by the bank … I do not get a loan because our house was damaged, so I do not want to take risks with mortgage ….. dear colleagues thank you for taking the time to read separating my story .. I’d be happy if I get a response. I sincerely hope … that there is a variation to help me now …. now go home with customers and thus earn to survive …. I have a son of 7 years where and provide future hair ….I need the money for the lease of premises and equipment, and can be used equipment. merely to start work. regards from Serbia

  111. Monir Hasan

    To,the richest people in the world. Sub:prayer for help money for ur fund. Sir/Madam,i beg most respectfully state that.i am Munir Hasan from bangladesh.i come from a very poor mother is so sick.his both kidney are damage due to 16 year’s.his treatment so expensive.i do a pvt.service but my income is so close.i an married person,i have 2daughter they read in i cannot bear my mother treatment & other expence’ i want ur help in ur fund as a poor international human.please help me send some money as ur like best.if u provide to help me. Faithfully your’s Munir hasan.

  112. Nama Krupadan

    I want to open Christian trust in hyderabad help me out in this

  113. Doreen A Gomes

    Please HELP Jessica & Gemma Gomes.



  115. V.Padmaja

    Dear Sir,

    I am very Indian Woman. I have lost money for people those wanted to help me – that’s way they said. Now i have lost my gold chain also. Sir, if u are a kind hearted person then please help me by only 30,000 Indian Rupees for my sons schools fees and some household expenses. I want to do a small business to give some strength to my family. Please help me some Indian Currency. Please.

  116. sanjay agrawal

    Respected rich person
    please help me i am suffering from very bad conditions… any rich person, please help me

    i am waiting for your reply. Plz help me



  118. please there help my country another poor people mans please thanks.


    Sir i’m frm karur in tamilnadu.i’m dng b.e my father was no more i need financial support for my studies..MY NAME:T.DHIVYA BHARATHI…

  120. tobore johnson

    Dear sir,I’m a young nigeria student aged 21. I stay with ma uncle but his wife treats me like trash. I’m very ambitious I believe one day I will eventually become the world richest man like bill gates nd aliko dangote who are ma business mentors. I believe life is fear. I hAve so many business ideas but all I need is a little capital to start up. I’m not asking money to feed or to live all I want is a little money that would make me as rich as u are so I will be able to help the needy and contribute to the world. I know I’m just writing for nothing cos dis message won’t get anywhere, ma only hope is on God d creator of heaven nd earth! Thanks to whoever wishes to help and contribute to ma success story.

  121. Money from you and changing the World from me.

  122. raghvendra dubey

    ple help me eny one i want ias so mony problam i am very sed ple ple ple ple ple ple ple help me

  123. Hi Sir,
    Greetings in the Almighty name of God his Majesty Lord of Mercy,my name is OUMY SONKO am 18 years old a native of Saudi Arabia with a Senegalese Nationality.
    My Dad is suffering from blood cancer since 2002, regarding the situation we foreigners are facing here in Saudi we can’t get a financial support for his heath,pls sir we really need your support my Dad is 54 years old and am his elder daughter.

  124. i need a rich man to help me pay my school fees contact me via email



  126. Tejas Shah

    Dear sir , my name is tejas shah from india and gujrat. I am in big trouble in my business and my house. I need somr cash for save my business and my family. I need 5 lakhs ruppes for 3 years. I will return this amount in 3 years. so sir think about it and help me fast.
    Thank you

  127. gaurav kumar

    Hello sir am gaurav Kumar I live in patna and learn acting but I want live in Mumbai because for better education but am very poor and very weak my background am belong backward class but am labourious and honest boy I want make a best actor and therefore i work hard labour please help me please donate some money for me

    Account holder name-gaurav Kumar
    swift code-SBININBB791
    BANK NAME-State Bank of India
    ISF code-SBIN0013153
    MICR CODE-845002536
    POSTAL CODE-845431

    . {villagepost-karmwa. Polish station-sugauli. Distic-east champaran. code-845431. (India)

    I hope you.
    I wait for you
    Please kindly help me

  128. mohit vadhwani

    Sir my brother is suffering from kidney failure we have no money for kidney transplant but dialysis is so costly we do dailysis for past 8 months but his financial condition is weak he has two children his monthly income is 7000 per month and dailysis charge is 18000 per month for how they manage sir please help us contact me

  129. satinder kaur

    hlo sir, i need financial from u.

  130. Md . Habibullah

    Dear Sir , I am Md . Habibullah . I live in Bangladesh . I am very poor man . I am marraied have two baby. I have very need’s your financial help . Please you help me money or dollar . Please your help send in this address .

    Md . Habibullah
    Southeast Bank Ltd , Card Division , Principal Branch , Dilkusha , Dhaka ,

  131. hi sir,
    i am from pune Please help me for some money, now i am alone, my parent not with me of some issue in my life… i am not settle proper, so i need some money for food and shelter, i cant take any kind of load because i dont have any perfect job for me, so i cant manage all things, sirrrr please contact with me so i will tell u all about me

  132. k.uday kumar

    Hi sir I’m a poor family and I have two sisters so I wanna do sister marriage and bad thing is recently my father done by pass heart surgery operation so please help me out sir it my begging for my family.

  133. Motshidisi Segola

    To Honorable Lawrence Ellison.

    i am a humble young man born and living in Botswana (South of Africa), i have two dreams in life;
    1. To have start money of US-D 100,000.00 (Hundred thousand US dollar)
    2. To assist people who find it difficult to accept life.

    i think i understand life different from many as i always believe everything has its own time, and that my dreams one day can happen, even if they do not happen, atleast i had a dream, which makes me keep on thinking. Please Sir, i don’t know where my luck will come from, if possible make my dreams come true. i respect your success in life and i wish you many more returns. Please, if you want to change my life for ever, my bank accounts are;

    At the moment my account is negative and need some blessings.

    • ujjal mukherjee

      sir -?- I beg most respectfully state that I am Mr. Ujjal Mukherjee citizen of India. I come from very poor family. My father is very poor farmer, He is a cancer patients, He has not any money to bearing our family maintaining cost because he is old person and no way his source of income. , Last ?2 YR my father is death And ,my mother admited hospital he is pancreas patients, Sir if you provide help me ?ANY LOAN ? I sir, let us have a have a loan for my mother – parents can see a doctor , as well as I can do my study(BCA) tau , as well as the need to store the can I pay the money from the loan , you will help me or where I can get this loan at say one way plzz sir help me ?.
      My father has two acres of land?? debatta paper I sent him, trust me when I return to the Loan have so much money
      sir, I do not have the money to match a job and if you give me some money, then I’d like to do that with money from a large-BUSINESS you will pay back the money to HELP me PLZZ SIR HELP ME PLLZZZ
      I agree to all the rules, sh??all we be clothed, I do not give any money, but before getting the loan you agree to all the rules plzz sir help me plzz ? ?

      You are on my land, and I have a factory that will help at all, I’ll do all the work, I am just the money, please do not anyone except my mother I am asking for my mother, who is the mother of a boy I Who will deceive people with false words, that I am in my mother’s name, I truly am, please help me,

      -1. Full names: UJJAL MUKHERJEE
      2. Country:INDIA
      3. Sex:MALE
      4. Marital status:SINGEL
      5. Occupation:STUDENT

  134. hi sir iam a very poer person can u help for some money i having lots od problem at my home regarding for money resently i have break my job so looking for next job i dont have money to manage the home iam a married person so plz look forward thanks.

  135. i need money sir iam vry needy

  136. Subhajit Chanda

    I want to start a business but I have no money.Sir I want to some help.And need of some money.I am very poor person..please sir.I am Indian.

  137. ravikumar r

    The Head Of Deptt.
    Trust Fund
    Sub: Prayer for help the money for your poor fund.
    I beg most respectfully state that I am Mr. Ravikumar R citizen of india karnataka bangaloure city. My age is 34years. I come from very poor family. My father late i am single. i am maintaning our family i have two sisters . He has not any money to bearing our family maintaining cost because he is old person and no way his source of income. I am service in a Pvt. Company but my income is very close that I cannot to bear my family cost & other expenses. Sir Everybody have a nice dream that the want to be happy in his life by financially. I have a nice dream. Now I am a full-fill young man and wishes to marriage but I cannot marriage without money. So I want to help money your poor fund as a poor international human. Sir indian rupes help me. So Sir if you provide me a something money as your like best. So I grateful to you in my hole life. Sir if you provide help me.
    Faithfully yours
    Mr. Ravikumar R

  138. Am austine from malindi a small business also accomunity development purpose is to help poor children.imanaged to buy a plot for the project.and ihave planned the
    building of the HOME TO START AT NEXT YEAR looking rich ma too help me with usd.15000.this will help me fancing the plot and building the houses.ihave been looking for long.but my aim is to help is my bank country branch



  140. Dear sir/madam my name is givenpreet kaur . I am from india. I tell you truth that i want to go canada for higher education purpose . Because this is my aim and dream of life . That i want to become success business women . But my parents have not enough money for me . I am belong to poor family . Please sir help . I am waiting for your answer . Please call me . please help me . I tell you every thing truth

  141. Tarak Biswakarma

    Respect sir,
    Hum Tarak Biswakarma, mera accident huya tha, 2Sal pahala ,KOLKATA ka RNT hospital ka Dr. na galath operation Kar diya ,hum ur bimar ho gaya hai ,,,mera paribar ko lut liya hai Dr. na sab kuch bach kar hum operation karbayatha ,ab kuch nahi bacha hai ,,mera colostomy open kiya huya hai , hum urine karta hai to urine rectum sa aata hai ur mera jang may sa v aata hai,,mera infection ho rahahai , hum mar jayanga .huma bachaligiya sir ,hum jina Chatahai ,mera age 27 a sal…plzzzz help me

  142. Tarak Biswakarma

    Respect sir,
    Hum Tarak Biswakarma, mera accident huya tha, 2Sal pahala ,KOLKATA ka RNT hospital ka Dr. na galath operation Kar diya ,hum ur bimar ho gaya hai ,,,mera paribar ko lut liya hai Dr. na sab kuch bach kar hum operation karbayatha ,ab kuch nahi bacha hai ,,mera colostomy open kiya huya hai , hum urine karta hai to urine rectum sa aata hai ur mera jang may sa v aata hai,,mera infection ho rahahai , hum mar jayanga .huma bachaligiya sir ,hum jina Chatahai ,mera age 27 a sal…plzzzz help me
    WARD NO=03
    West Bengal

  143. I am a girl doing M.E
    but my family didn’t support me I am urgently want money for my pay college fees & hostel plzzz
    plzzzz help me
    any one interested to help me plzzz content me

  144. oinam Chandrakumar

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    With due respect and humble submission I, the undersigned have the honour to lay the following few lines for favour of your good self’s kind consideration and necessary order in the matter under referred.
                          That,I take the opportunity to introduce myself,my name is Oinam Chandrakumar Singh from Kwakeithel,Imphal,Manipur,India. Presently I am working in the hospitality industry.And I am the best employee staffs entire of my dept for the year of 2013.I have completed my graduation (PCM) under Manipur University SINCE 2011.And I am also apart of N CC student.Now I am achieved NCC certificate. I got many knowledge through this organization like comradeship,discipline, leadership,quality,secular outlook and feeling of togetherness and unity amongst the people of India.                     
                             Being a Leader or as a Father/Mother of this country. I hope that you will consider my humble request, that I am very poor youth of this country. And I don’t have any person to consult or help me. As you know that everywhere corruption is going on even in this country.If we want a govt jobs then I have to pay money to this govt, this is how we the poor youth facing. But I am so unit type of youth, I want to do something for this effected country as well as my homeland state Manipur.i planing to set up new project like production of bakery items in my state because I have an experienced in hotel industry above 5 years, I can give some youth as a employment in my bakery house. I am so serious, I can prove you within the month, I am not asking for huge money, just a support. I am not pertaining, I am very poor youth, if i have some amount then immediately I will buy bakery oven machine, I assure you that I can work with all my sincere and dedication effort for the growth of my business.
                        Under the fact and circumstances as submitted above, it is, therefore prayed that your goodself be pleased  that please support me in regard necessary action may kindly be acted upon to secure justice.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours faithfully,
    Oinam Chandrakumar Singh
    Imphal, Manipur, India

  145. Suraj Kumar

    Koi marey madat karo aapki barey meyhar wani hogi

  146. Sir John Joseph I, am living a very difficult life, I have a great deal of state aid to school teacher, my current age of 44 at the age of 50, but got the job done. My wedding was held at the age of 41. Children age 2 to 43. My wife jeyameri. A very early age, boys. My elder son allen is studying in 3 of the 9-year-old, 7 year old little son jeffrin is studying 1st. I do not have their own place of residence. Now built a small house on the place, sir. Bank housing built on the desire to desire. But I’m buying credit deducted from the wages of the remaining 6,500 to 13,500 live off the money. He draws us to spend the money to run the economy. But could not cope. Because I have diabetes. The cost of Rs.2000 per month is. In conclusion, we can not eat the food commodities Style ututtuvatarkum have hardened. My wife was not able to go to work, because it is her often pirassar Plate. A small amount of money, so please help me, O glorious. Otherwise the only real money I’ll give interest free loan. Please … please … please help … my address 3/397 pushpha nagar colony, south irungalur post, mannachanallur taluk., trichy district. 621105. Contact: 8012050575 i want chek clip or via indian rupees.

  147. Plse help me sir I have two children .my father expired. My mother stay with me.working in private company.i want 2lakhs I settled my life happily.

  148. garima negi

    Hello dear ones ….
    I am garima from uttaranchal.if u want to earn lot of money then there is w
    Way ….any one if inerested to move out from india then contact me on my mail id – are successfully running a placement company in uttaranchal. We deals in areas like Malaysia, singapore, canada, australia, new Zealand, maldives, suitzerland, etc and uae countries like dubai, abu dhabi, behrain, doha, qatar, saudi arab.etc….for more details contact me on my mail id mentioned above….remember god help those people who help themselves .

    Hope to hear u soon…with a positive response

    Thanks and regards

  149. Dear all,
    I am Kamal.mujhe dunia me logo ne kafi dhoka diya h.aaj mere upper total karj h 1840000 h.jiska interest m every month approx 1 lac pay karta hu.jabki meri permonth salry h 15000 h.m sochta hu ki m ye bat ghar btauga to mere ghar wale preshan honge.agar m suside karta hu to mujhe meri 6 month ki bachi ka chahra dikhta h.pls help me anyone.m baghwan se yahi mangta hu kisi bhi tarah mera karj utar jae.taki m apni family ko time de bank account detail.Name Kamal Kumar bank name hdfc bank.

  150. Shahzad Hussain Siddiqui

    Dear Respected Sir,

    Dear Respected Sir, I am Un-employed & I cannot do the work hard due to above reasons. I am not having any proper source of income that, I should afford the expenses of my own treatment. Even, I am not having proper residence place. My some poor friends help me sometime for medicines. Kindly request to you please do approve my case in 100% Welfare / Zakat for my complete treatment of Hepatitis-C & C.L.D. I hope that, you will do approve my request on top priority humanity basis due to my financial circumstances.

    I shall be highly grateful & thankful to you,
    Thanking to you,

    Your’s Sincerely,

    Shahzad Hussain Siddiqui

  151. soumitra ghosh

    Sir/madam my name is Soumitra ghosh residence at Bihar. I really need of ur moneytory parents is no more.I had started a business last 5 yrs back .but I can not gain from it. I completely fail and loss around 8 lakhs. I invest @10 lakhs of my father’s retirement fund. I am deeply shocked and harrash. Even I can not say excuse to my for my brother and sister is to cut out with me. I again take a loan from a private finan @2 lakh to restart this business .but I cimpletly fail.I have 10 k p.m interest to paid. Presently I have a job with a salary of 1 lakh p.a. but I could not full fill the loan interest. So if u help 10 lakh to me I have all clear the loan including my father’s amount. So I doing my job in a peacefully me god knows my help me .with thanks& regards. Soumitra ghosh. Pl help me .my bank details is .

  152. suriya jan

    I have an urgent need of fifty thousand rupees plzzz help me .i will give u reason if u contact me personally plzzz try to understand plzzzz

  153. Anup Kumar Biswas

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings from me. I need your help. I am passing the days too distressful life.

  154. Anup Kumar Biswas

    Respected Dear Sir.
    Greetings from me. I am suffering Financial debt. If you permit me I will tell you all about me. I am waiting for your reply to my email.

  155. Hi friends I am geeth well I would like to announce you that I am badly cheated by an agent for paying kidney transplant fee well last month I have published a add that I will sell my kidney for money as I am in deep credits where I can’t show my face to my parents and husband I am deeply struck with financial problem BCz of my friend surety sign in bank so now I am paying all my salary to bank in such case I deside to sell my kidney and pay the debits and have peaceful life but luck could not favour me I am the most un lucky person in the world so in that hard time also I paid 10k as a registration fee to donate my kidney and got cheated so please all who are in need of money plz don’t pay any kind of fee and cheated like me may god help us all in some way take care

  156. Shaida Sayed

    Respected sir / madam im shaida s mytwo brothers are sufferring from mdr tb i m under going the problem of debts which i have to pay back from whom i have taken after praying alot i got this idea of just searching for the people who can help me and i have written my problem and sir plz help me sir out so that i can clear the debts or else ill have to sell my house ,and will be on the road im really helpless and therers no one to support me plz sir humbly requesting u to help


    plz sir i was good when i helped many in times of crisis,but today when iam in crisis nobody is coming forward to help me sir.
    i only beg u sir plz help to my kids education only sir,how much least money u can plz do favour me sir.
    its only for the sake of children ,that they should not suffer sir, if u need anything from me is only my blood i can give till my last breadth sir.
    plz help my kids future sir.

  158. ravi prakash arya


    With due respect that I need 40 Lac indian rupees for borrow of 10 person. I know you think I a joking but circumstances is created by me. After death of my father I have too much responsibilities, my two unmarried sister and myself my two daughters.

    I take all responsibilities after death of my father, and marriage of my two sisters in the year 2007, at the time I have no any problem about money. That time I finish all my responsibilities about my sister’s marriage and I am very proud feel that I am the son of my father. But day to day my sisters, my mother and my brother are opposite me. I can not understand.

    These time I had a duplex house in Moter, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, India purchase in 10 Lac and was sell out in the year 2007 for the marriage of my sisters, now a days that house price is Rs.1.25 Crore

    Today I am living in rent in a small house and my mother not give the any portion of land. They all person my sisters, brother and mother are change but I love of them very much now.

    This is not story and not make the money for begging,

    But today I have 40 lac rupees borrow from the people I don’t know how I am borrow this money, I give the interest to interest and interest, They lie to me you give the money otherwise they threat me.

    I am very puzzle in my life and I have two beautiful daughters, they have all relatives but no any person help them. I am not able to excuse myself. How I can suffer to my two daughter.

    Sorry for that I tell all the secrets in my life.

    God is Great and hope God create this world My family is the part who is created by God.

    Ravi Prakash Arya
    37 C Aam Bagh, Garhi Gantt.,
    Dehradun (uttrakhand), India
    Pin 248003.

  159. Anup Kumar Biswas

    Respected Sir, Greetings from me. I am retired staff. I spent all money for my daughter for medical treatment. I have taken much money loan from other . Now I am passing the days too destreesfull life. Please help me.


    The Head of Dept t
    Trust Fund

    Sub:Prayer for help the money for your poor fund


    I beg most respectfully state that i am Sk. Nasir uddin citizen of Bangladesh,My age is 36 years.I come from very poor family.I served in BRAC(NGO) 2007 to 2014.Now i am work less because the program is closed.I am married person and have a child.At this moment i have no money to bearing my family.I am trying to opening a business for my family and poor people.I will start office application and computer hardware lesson program who need this.This purpose i need 10 computer to buy and to rent a house for lesson.But i have no money.

    So I want to help money in your poor fund as a poor international human. Sir Bangladeshi Taka rate is very low. So Sir if you provide me a something money as your like best. So I grateful to you in my hole life. Sir if you provide help me-my details are given below: You send money by WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM.

    My Name is Sk. Nasir uddin,
    Father Name is Sk. Ansar Ali
    Address:30, Pari monjil Shaninur jame mosque Road
    Sonadanga Thana

    Your’s Sincerely,

    Sk.Nasir uddin
    Hear i attached my job details:

    Resignation Type : Resignation
    Transaction Date: Thu, 16 October, 2014
    Joining Date : Apr 222007
    Seniority Lost: 0 mont(s)
    Total Length of service:
    Last working date: Wed, 16 Jul, 2014
    Prepared by
    I Payment Statement
    PIN: 118183 Designation.: Programme Organiser

  161. Hhhhhhhh no one will answer look at me asking for help to get out of syria for the past ten months no one answer me tell half of my family are dead now . Thanks mr bill gates

  162. Thomas Topno

    The Head Of Deptt.
    Trust Fund
    I am Mr. Thomas Topno citizen of India . My age is 26 years. I come from very poor family. My father is very poor farmer and now he is paralised. He has not any money to bearing our family maintaining cost because he is old person and no way his source of income. Due to my fathers illness he could not provide me for further studies and now I am doing work as labour to help out my parents. So Please sir help me some money so that i can do treatment to my father and pursue of studies again.

    Account Name :THOMAS TOPNO
    Account type : Saving
    Account No : 504010110001467
    IFSC Code : BKID0005045
    Bank Name : Bank of India
    Bank Branch :Itanagar
    Country : India
    Contact Number : +918974245223
    Faithfully yours
    Mr. Thomas Topno

  163. Hello,

    We are Christian Organization formed to help people in needs of helps,such as financial help.So if you are going through financial difficulty or you are in any financial mess,and you need funds to start up your own business,or you need loan to settle your debt or pay off your bills,start a nice business, or you are finding it hard to obtain capital loan from local banks,contact us today via email for the bible says””Luke 11:10 Everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened”.So do not let these opportunity pass you by because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more.Please these is for serious minded and God fearing People.

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  164. Sir I’m very poor mother is mad.don’t anyone help me.I’m helpless man. I know, you can help please help me. Phone : 8801780118205 . please sir Mr.Bill gates.

  165. Akhil Chandra Das

    Hello sir, Namaskar, I hail from Nadia district of West Bengal, India. My sister has tumar in her throat and she needs to be operated soon. I need 2 lakhs rupees for her treatment. I belong to very poor family and unable to manage expenditure for the operation. I request you to donate little bit so that she can be cured. Please deposit your help in the following account no.

    AKHIL CHANDRA DAS, Name of the Bank: Allahabad Bank, Branch Name: Payradanga, IFSC Code: ALLA0211776, Dist: Nadia, West Bengal. India.

    Please help me. God bless you.

  166. You all are rich by default so use your inner spritual wisdom,,don’t take and ask money to any same nature man,,ask God and say to him what your problems are,,as much as your belief get strong on God,, things get change according to your belief,,,,for your knowledge how God help those who help themself,,,watch movie secret 2006,,,read about law of attraction,,power of subconscious mind,,,power of thoughs,and mind,,,, you will know how people become rich,,,,so be happy there are chances to become rich, best of luck

  167. please I need help to further my medicine career I France so that I can help my parents and young ones.

  168. please I need help to further my medicine career in France so that I can help my parents and young ones. my phone number is +2348035749792

  169. hi just want to ask if all the people message here already recieved a help?

  170. wasifiqbal

    dear sir
    mu\y name is wasif iqbal ,,,,i am a student ,sir my finicial problem is creat and i want that you gave me money for soling this ,,,i will be very thinkful to you,,,,

  171. pls hel me i want 10 lakh rupees

  172. Abhinash dutta

    I need 20 lakh money to borrow a house in assam and i will rent it to earn money.

  173. hello sir
    I’m archana from India .I’m doing my bsc nursing course as im from a very poor background and my father is really sick he cant afford for my family within one week i have to pay 200000 as my college fees if not i will not be allowed to continue my studies my family is fully relied on me pls sir help me giving some amount to pay my fees if you help me i will really see god in you
    Thank you sir
    contact no.8807119755

  174. sathishkumar

    Don’t expect anything from any one ..dont discourage your self.. every one have some problem.. time only solve it ..just hope your self think what we do what we know.. one day you got the point …don’t ask help like that we have some guts ..

  175. My Self Soumya.n 33 years old from staying with my family , we are poor people ,my dad is old he cannot work anymore ,my brother is handicraft so ,nobody is there to help us please support me,we are in Last three months back , I have lost my job and i am working from home ,.very low income ,we don’t have own house ,living in rented small house, and since then I am leaving in very pathetic condition. I am hard working person and beg your help to survive with my family. I am requesting you .
    If you wish please help me with money ..MY AMBITION TO HELP POOR PEOPLES LIKE ME ,NOBODY IS THERE TO SUPPORT ,
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    NEED HELP…..

    Name – Soumya.N
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    I understand that you people are so kind to help the poor…….


  176. mohsin nazir

    I need help for ten thousand

  177. Sir/madam
    my name isJaved AK residence at Karnataka . I really need of ur moneytory help.I had started a business last 8 yrs back .but I can not gain from it. I completely fail and loss around 8 lakhs. I invested from private finances now 6 lakh is balance to pay . I am deeply shocked and harrash.
    .I have 12 k p.m interest to paid. Presently I have a earning from business 9 k p m but I could not full fill the loan interest. So if u help 5 lakh to me I have all clear the loan including. So I doing my job in a peacefully me god knows my help me .with thanks& regards.Javed AK. Pl help me .my bank details is .

  178. Sir.
    my name is Javed AK residence at Karnataka . I really need of ur moneytory help.I had started a business last 8 yrs back .but I can not gain from it. I completely fail and loss around 8 lakhs. I invested from private finances now 6 lakh is balance to pay . I am deeply shocked and harrash.
    .I have 12 k p.m interest to paid. Presently I have a earning from business 9 k p m but I could not full fill the loan interest. So if u help 5 lakh to me I have all clear the loan including. So I doing my job in a peacefully me god knows my help me .with thanks& regards. Javed AK. Pl help me.

  179. riria wiki

    I have never ever wanted anything in my life, but now I wish I had money, I am so much in love,I have given all of my life,now 58 years of age. Do I need to beg. I need to ask for help,I am so proud,to be whom I am, but my feelings that I feel for this man,is so overwhelming, I will ask help me. Because why,I am a woman in love.

  180. Ravi kumar thapa

    to rech the top,u have know the height of it

  181. nitish jha

    hello..m nitish jha persuing my btech from bhagwant university,ajmer residing in vasai,mumbai
    actually my father is going through severe financial crisis and he has tried each and evry possible stuff to go through..but he is unable to do so..hence i need to help my dad..i need rs 5lakh and i ensure i will return as soon as i get on with my job i.e in around 3-4 years time…its an serious request..
    if possible plz contact me-8087456314

  182. Deepak bhagat

    My name is deepak bhagat I am from india I want $10000 for help age india.I want to help old people.for god sake please help me.
    my account no is 0744000400531680
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    Sir,I am a student of 2 nd year.My trade is diploma in automobile engineering. I am from a needy poor family. My father is a daily laboure and recently he injured due to a tumor in the heart. So my father can’t income from anywhere. So he can’t bear out all my expenses. so sir if you kindly help me than I will highly gratitude to you.

  184. hallo,
    am alibawo Mike from Uganda east africa,
    am here to thank the good work ur doing together with ur wife,
    may god bless u.
    am here to inform u that in Uganda east africa people we are so so poor,
    u can find many families with out toilets in their homes,
    without borehole in villages,
    u find that some villages there is know schools,
    know health centers,
    pliz for the good work that ur doing
    help our community,
    our villages,
    and for me i stood to write on behalf of our villages.
    and poor peoples.
    coz we eat together,
    we work together,
    we think together,
    we fight poverty together,
    and we stand together for better tomorrow,
    Sr help me,
    help us,
    support us,
    pliz together we can fight poverty,
    thanks :.

  185. Rajendra kumar sisodiya

    Respect sir,
    Im space hipnotist, Mind wave neurologist, hydrologist, geologist & architecture astrologist (self defense). Science researchment is my mission for world organization & peoples.If my mission sucess then I give result. in the land petrol disel gas any metal. 2. Before inform rocket launch sucess or unsucess. 3. Search of clue serious sickness.4. Before inform aeroplane lost. 5. We can conversation with God ghost soul dead person. 6. Possible more health treatment. more knowledge for space.
    So I hope to any organization support & help me financially. Because im poor & very busy manage my family & earn. My researchment is very slowly. I want give my all time for science researchment so help me financially.
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  186. Gourav Dhar

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I like to inform you that I am belongs from Bengali, Hindu, poor family. I am 27 years old and I am resided at Assam, India. I need urgently some money for solve my financial problem. There are too many reason me and my family lost our home and our all savings(i.e. for treatment). But now I need some financial help. There are too many rich person like “Carlos Slim Helu”, “Warren Buffet”, “Bill Gates”, “Mukesh Ambani”, “Laxmi Mittal”, “Denny Sanford” “Simona Rich”. Can any one of a big heart rich man who ready to help me and save my poor family? I need USD $80,000 for solve our financial problem. Sir, now me and my poor family is under hues problem and my family under big mental tension or mental stresness. So, if any one of the richest person can help me then me and my family is always thankful to him……

    Please Bless Us….. Thanks & Regards……..

  187. Gourav Dhar

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am written some of the few lines to all millionaires & billionaires, that the ‘God’ gives you too many money and you also use it for good work. But Sir, I am also belongs from poor family and I need urgently a sum of money from you i.e. USD $80,000/- for full fill my financial problem. Respected billionaires Sir’s, ‘Carlos Slim Helu’, ‘Bill Gates’, ‘Wareen Buffet’, ‘Mukesh Ambani’, ‘Lakshmi Mittal’, ‘Lawrence Ellison’, ‘Bernard Arnault’, ‘Eike Batista’, ‘Amancio Ortega’, ‘Karl Albrecht’ can any one of you Sir, give me only USD $80,000/-. then please e-mail me. Me & My family are in big financial problem. Sir, any one of you please give me the amount. Sir, due to financial problem my brother’s education just stop. we can’t purchase a single garments. Sir, we are in big problem. My father cannot work because his health cannot support him. or my earning is too low not sufficient for run our living hood. We are home less. Because of my friends help we will reside their extra room.
    So, sir please help me & my family as quickly as possible.

    Thanking You………….

  188. dear sir/madam i am leaving in bangalore 2 years back i startetd own hardware Surya traders shop no 53 andhrahalli main road kalikanagar bangalore pincode 560093 i invest small amount 6 lacks rupes my business strugling at a time my 2nd daughtar she attacka epilepise she brain growth devolaping delay she 2 years old no normal activetives treatment follow up ing but i lost money my parents was poor family nobody help without intreast i think one one time sucide but i have live becuse i have care responsiblity my family so plz plz plz help me intrest free loans i will return give up

  189. shakshi malhotra

    I need urjentlu of cash rs.8lakhs. for my studies please help me so that i can continue my further studies.please help me pls pls pls

  190. To someone who has generous heart..
    I do not know where to start. I really appreciate you, you are a good person who likes to help a lot of people .. but this time if you do not mind helping me .. that is where your help will change my life for the better of me this time .. please help me .. I did not find the way out to my problem .. I am a civil servant who has been wrong in managing finances .. I work as a small-ranking civil servant .. my salary is not enough to pay my debts .. I have to pay the rent every month. . no way to pay my debt .. I’ve tried .. but as if all doors were closed in front of me … I want to change for the better .. I do not want to have a debt again .. but if someone would open the door of the heart to help people like me .. this is very important and meaningful for me .. please help me .. please help me, O good man .. you have helped many people .. also .. please help me ..i need US$12000.. I’m just trying.. Try to find the way out.. Please.. Please.. Please help me..

  191. Anthony Anei Awer

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i’m South Sudanese by Nationality and looking for kind wethly person like you to help my situation with any amount of uSD that you may Country has been destroyed by two civil wars and as a result of that,poverty have hit me to the extend that i;m able to educate my will be of great help if your kindness sympathize with my condition and help out of this.should your honorable have query,i can provide all my contact to you.
    Thanks and God be with.

  192. Dear sir, i am from india, in tamil nadu
    And i am very poor family, also i am born in funtmendentally villager
    I am doing small scale business that is unsufficientlly income, so that. Want any help me
    I beg request with you, I belive to help
    Thanking you,
    Tamil nadu, India

  193. Hi, I am Aruna living mumbai from 25 husband paralyzed from 8 years. After that took all response doing small jobs and some product sale and all. Now means 7/9/2015 I admitted him raheja hospital in mahim,because his toes wound.there doctor amputee his leg below knee. My expense is total 300000 that time I manged to give money to borrow from friends. And little my invest I kept for my daughters college fee. But now I completely cashless and joblesss Booz I can’t go out leaving my husband alone. I tried for loan friends and relatives but no use so please give me some LAN for my children’s education. I am repaying that for u within one year please please please. Waiting for urs reply

  194. Munir ahasan kabir

    i am munir from bangladesh,i am a povity person,so please help me some(1,00000 usd)money to remove povirty,for my help i have send my account number.
    Bank address-
    Bangladesh krishi bank
    Dhulihar bramaharajpur branch
    Regards your

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