Nations With Highest Per Capita Income

CSO, Central Statistical Organization, recently gave its report regarding per capita income of the nations. Per Capita Income is per person income of the country. In general sense, it can be calculated by dividing the whole income of any country with its population.

CSO produced a list of 182 nations according to their per capita income. In the list, Qatar is on the first place followed by Luxembourg, which is on second and Singapore is on third which is followed by Norway. China is on 93 where as Pakistan is ranked on 133rd place.

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Top Countries with Maximum Salary

1. Qatar
In case of per capita income, this country is on the top of the list according to the report issued by CSO. The annual income of per person in Qatar is $88,232 which comes to near about 40 lakh Indian rupees.

Highest Per Capita Income

2. Luxembourg
According to the Central Statistical Organization, Luxembourg, a European country with population of over half a million people comes on the second place on the list of Highest Per Capita Income Nations. Industrial sector and financial sector is the main source of this country. According to the report, the annual per capita income of Luxembourg is $80,404 (near about 36 lakhs Indian rupees).

3. Singapore
The annual per capita income of people living in Singapore is $57,238 (in Indian currency, it comes near about 26 lakh annually). With the figure, this country has acquired the third position in the list.

4. Norway
Norway comes on the fourth number of the list with annual per capita income of 82,238 dollars (near about 23.50 lakhs INR).

5. Brunei
With $47,200 earning money, Brunei is on the fifth place of the list.

CSO has also produced a report on the money that an average Indian earns. According to the latest figures of Central Statistical Organization, India has raised it’s per person salary by 14.5 percent. It means that it is estimated by CSO that annual income of every Indian citizen in the period of 2009-2010 was Rs 46,492 and in the previous year, it was 40,605.

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