5 Gadgets that will boost your creativity at home

There is an artist lying inside all of us, but usually either we don’t notice him or ignore our artistic selves considering they are worthless for the materialistic obligations of the world. Neither we value our art, nor let others witness and praise our creativity. There is a famous saying of Pablo Picasso; “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” Such an apt description of how essential art is for purging souls of all the negativities surrounding us. Daily life hassles and business routines don’t let us exploit our creativity, but by creatively designing our homes and by aesthetically placing gadgets, we can boost our creativity. Here, I will give suggestions about gadgets and their smart placements which not only will augment your home’s décor but will aid you develop your hidden creative side. Easels: Accept the fact that we all loved to paint in our school days; from painting Disney characters to bringing nature on paper, we all were fond of doing this until we got distracted by other serious courses to pursue our careers in. But for all those who still love to grab the paint brush and spread colours on paper you guys must buy an easel for your new house. Plenty of foldable, stand alone easels’ variety is available which won’t consume much space in your home and will fulfill the cravings of your inner artist. Place the easel alongside indoor plants, beside a chair or bookshelf with a mini table alongside it holding all your art tools. Not only this will give your house home very personal touch, but will augment your creativity and with just right art tools at your disposal, you will be able to bring your artistic vision to life. gadget Piano: Aspiring musicians or keyboard artists love to have a piano in their home, where they can make, arrange tunes and for some playing piano actually works for relieving stress. Grand pianos hold a very old school charm within themselves. If you own one or planning to buy a piano then designate a special place in your living room for this gadget. Those who loved vintage stuff and are more inclined towards old-school stuff, they must go for a grand piano. Pair it up with a classic large mirror and animal printed rug and give your house exotic interiors. If you aren’t sure about interiors and how they’ll harmonize with your classic piano, then search the internet and find an interior designer online who’ll aid you in redecorating your house in the best possible way. While on the go musicians who love exploring places and let their creativity make tunes while travelling, digital pianos are best for them. Look out for the best digital piano in the market; these convenient, durable and reliable pianos are ideal for all piano enthusiasts out there. Writing Table and Smart writing kit: Creativity and writing go hand in hand; it can never go outdated. Though writing table can’t technically fall under gadgets category but this furniture is vital to enhance your imaginative self. Aspiring writers, poets, storytellers or anyone having an inclination for the writing niche should place a writing table in their house. Place the table in the most comfortable and solitary place. It could be a lonely corner besides a window, a cozy nook like underside of stairs or besides a fireplace in the lounge. Utilize it for your artful self and let loose your thoughts and permit your wild, crazy, fantasy-laden imaginations get the best out of you. It’s better to soundproof your windows if you are living in a highly populated colony to avoid outside noises being the unnecessary hurdle in your creative work. Technology when combined with writing, it produces Moleskine smart writing kit especially for those tech-geeks who want to pursue their passion for writing on the move. It comes with a Paper tablet, Moleskine Notes App and Moleskine Pen to help you get a seamless experience of documenting and sharing splendid notes. Sculpting: Different types of clay are usually utilized for this 3-dimensional piece of art where passionate artists turn simple block of clay into a sculpture. But placing sculpting tools and modeling stands in living room, study or bedroom is not a viable option because of the clay-mess associated with it. Sculpting artists should select their backyard or gallery for this purpose; the fresh air there and peaceful and quiet surroundings will let them pay full attention to their masterpiece. 3Doodler: For 21st century’s sculpting enthusiasts who don’t want to mess around with clay, there’s a gadget for you guys named 3Doodler. This awe-inspiring colorful ballpoint from your childhood is now equipped with latest technology. Simply draw what you want, and this pen will bring it to life in form of a 3D sculpture. Amazing much! Bottom Line! The crux of the article is to never let your artsy self die under the burden of hectic daily routines; let your soul breathe. Surround yourselves with gadgets which augment your creativity and bring your vision to life on paper, on aisle or in tunes. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination; don’t let it be and conform to your free-spirited self.

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