5 Tricks That Will Make Your Brand a Millennial Magnet

Now that Millennials are on the verge of becoming the new economic powerhouse, it’s crucial for brands to learn how to cater to their needs. Now, here’s a tough question: how do you get that sought-after Millennial approval? After all, they have different values than other generations, are digital natives, and are very sensitive to aggressive marketing.

The secret lies in learning how to speak their language. Although no one says it’s going to be easy to penetrate this new demographic, with a little insight and a clever strategy, you might succeed to transform your brand into a Millennial magnet.
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1. Be Authentic and Valuable
With so many companies fighting on social media to gain the attention of Millennials, you must stand out from your competition if you want to avoid slow brand death.

Millennials have a different type of relationship with brands and products than any other generation. They like being a part of something bigger than themselves and enjoy getting involved in a brand’s growth. They are more likely to support, recommend and shop certain brands if your mission triggers an emotional response. Be authentic and communicate your value both through your products and content.

2. Go Where Your Audience Is
Millennials are digital natives. They grew up with the internet and technology is a major component of their lives. Connected 24/7, they like to keep themselves well-informed and up to date with the latest trends. Almost everything they do, from socializing, getting car rides and reviewing books to planning vacations and shopping happens online. Even when they are in need of medical service, they do their research online rather than asking around or reading through flyers and brochures. So, if you’re a physical therapy clinic that wants to expand its customer base and target Millennials, you should focus on building an online presence on the most relevant social media channels.

Also, keep in mind that Millennials live and breathe mobile. They spend more time on mobile devices than any other platforms. Tailor your content and advertising to fit mobile devices and provide a seamless experience regardless of the screen size.

3. Make Your Advertising as Genuine as Possible
Millennials are immune to traditional advertising. Therefore, you should focus on creating valuable content rather than bombarding them with marketing messages. Millennials are more likely to interact with informational content that helps them solve a problem or need than with traditional ads.

Reach out to social media influencers and leverage them to put your content in front of the right audience. But don’t count solely on organic reach. Use can use sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram as well, but be careful to frame your message naturally.

Create a CTA that will drive your audience to interact with you, be it in the form of a like or share or encouraging them to sign up for a newsletter, or visit your website.

4. Incorporate Videos
Video content is becoming impossible to ignore. Millennials are turning to video content for research and entertainment. Meanwhile, vloggers are becoming more and more popular and reliable thought leaders for the younger demographic. Incorporate video content into your marketing strategy and collaborate with vloggers to raise your brand awareness and make you more relatable.

5. Show That You Care
The best thing you can do to prove your brand’s genuine nature is to show that you care; not only about your customers and your audience but the community as well. If you don’t convince your audience that you are invested in providing something of value instead of only being focused on turning a profit, you will lose credibility. You have to believe in your brand first if you want to make others join your cause.

In conclusion, the key to a Millennial’s heart is authenticity, engagement, and social implication. If you want to make your brand a Millennial magnet, you should gain their attention on social media, engage with them, get personal, be relatable, and bring value. Being genuine and personal helps with your brand’s credibility more than any well-crafted marketing strategy.

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