Beware of Facebook Online Surveys Scam

Spammers are again active on World’s Biggest Social Networking website – Facebook. They are again in trying to generate fraudulent income from online surveys. This has been reported by IT Security and Data Protection from Sophos. The scam is still in progress and several users are becoming a prey to it.

Around 10 million Facebook users have already been invited by Scammers and they are expanding their wings rapidly.
Who blocked you from his friend list?” is one of the events that have already tricked around 165,000 Facebook users into signing-in and almost 10.3 millions still deciding on responding. If they will respond, they will also be a victim of the fraud.

The scammers have embedded the instructions into ‘More info’ section of event’s summary, which convinces the users to visit the online surveys and respond. These surveys are just fake ones that are made only to generate revenues and commissions.

There was One More Facebook Virus – Koobface – Be My facebook friend

Sometimes, its mentioned to provide mobile phone numbers and if he enters the real number, he would be signed in automatically to an expensive service and the money would be automatically deducted from your Mobile Account and if you are a Postpaid customer, you will cry when you will see huge Mobile-Bills.
Facebook Online Survey Scam

Steps to be followed in case you are a Facebook Online Survey Victim

  • So, if you have entered such a wrong number in any of online surveys, especially on Facebook, just ask your Cell Phone Operator to cancel any subscription if activated without your notice.
  • You should also notify your friends incase you have forwarded the bogus link to them.

So, be extra cautious while accepting such any (all) invitations.

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