Beware of fake ICICI Internet website – Don’t give your icici number

I just signed-in my mailbox and was checking the mail that was claiming to be from ICICI bank. The mail was almost identical to the mails that I do receive occasionally from banks, with the icici number logo inside the mail. The mail contained a link that took me to a third party website and now the site was asking me for my icici number online banking login credentials. I looked at the url in the browser. The url was not of ICICI. I checked the mail address from where the mail came. It was a gmail address. I contacted ICICI customer care and they told me that it’s a fake mail.

So, to avoid being as a hacker-prey, follow the below steps:
Icici Number

How To Protect from Internet Phishing Attacks

1.)Never share your login credentials especially your paypal and banking passwords with the third party websites in this way.

2.)Always check if the mail is from the domain id. Mails with

etc. often appears to be spam.

3.)If you share your ids and passwords with these sites, your login information would be saved in the hackers database and you can end losing all your money. So be alert.

4.)Always login to the legitimate and official websites of the banks and follow the transaction etc. from those sites itself.

5.) If you are unaware of your banks original site then call customer care department and ask them the url. Instead of asking them on the phone, it would be best if you can get it as an email from them. Typing on just phone calls can give you spelling-mistakes. Also again, check that the mail is from the official id and not from anyone’s personal email. You should ask them to send the mail from official email itself.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for spreading the word on such deceptive sites. You’re right – there are unscrupulous elements we all have to beware of.

    You’ll be glad to know ICICI Bank already has precautionary measures in place to counter phishing. A large part of it is informing customers of what they need to be aware of at all times. How ICICI Bank customers can avoid becoming victims of phishing and other online scams.
    1. Log in to
    2. Once you login, ensure that the URL on the browser begins with
    3. Ignore all pop-up windows asking for login details or other sensitive information. ICICI will not ask for any information in pop-ups
    4. Please forward the e-mail received by you at for us to investigate
    5. Verify the security certificate of the site you are on by clicking on the padlock icon of your internet browser.

    We hope you find this of value. Please do reach us at if you’d like to connect with us.

    ICICI Customer Service Team.

  2. @ICICI Bank Care: Welcome ICICI to my blog. We all should be aware of such sites

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