How To create own Theme in Gmail

No doubt, Gmail is gaining popularity day by day. Around 2 years back, Google added Themes inĀ Gmail, which was admired and liked by all Gmail users worldwide. Time to time, Google started adding new themes and people went on changing their email’s background according to that.

To try new theme also looks good to eyes. You can change the theme as per your desires and can customize the background to grassy, sky color, any cartoons, etc. And when you are bored with one type of colors and themes, you can apply the new one. But what if you have tried all the available themes and have got bored with them or if you wish to apply your own colors or pictures.

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Gmail, going a step further has introduced this feature now. You can upload the photo of Sachin Tendulkar or Katrina Kaif or Anna Hazare or your own photo also. You can even choose your own set of colors and customize the background of your inbox as you want.

How To create own Theme
1. Open your Gmail Account.

2. Click on Options logo (the circular gear image located at top right hand side).

3. Click on ‘Mail Settings’ as shown in image below.
Gmail Customization

4. Click ‘Themes’.

5. Click ‘Create your own theme’ as encircled in the below image.
Gmail background Create Your own theme

6. Select the colors according to your choice and Click on ‘Select’ as shown in the below image to upload your desired image.
Gmail Create Own Theme


  1. create your own theme is missing in new setting of gmail

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