Evolution of the online world

Internet came into existence in 1990s and the usage of internet has been growing rapidly. As per the study in December 2014, 37.9% of the total world population uses internet and it is 100 times more than that of mid 1990s. Internet is the connection of the networks of networks which consists of millions of private, public, academic, business and several billion devices worldwide. Various computers were connected to each other with the Transmission Control Protocol also known as TCP. Tim Berners Lee with the help of this protocol, he made an attempt to come up with the secure transaction protocol which would void the frauds to access the information of the personal details of the people. This helped people carry the credit and debit cards most of the time rather than carrying cash. Carrying 50,000 INR in cash is a little risky than that of carrying a debit or credit card which has the balance of 50,000 INR. Slowly, by the year of 2000, the first online shopping site was released and after it was successful, other countries also adopted the same. Online booking, online shopping, online advertising, online marketing, online procurement, online recruitment, online dating, online marriage, online banking everything was almost implemented with better results. And a time came when online food order food ordering system came into existence. This system was invented looking after the customers’ feasibility. People that stay hungry most of the times because of their amazingly busy schedule of the day. How can one forget their food just to work? Dedication and passion is right at their side but why compromise with food? If you don’t consume something, how will your body generate the battery power for you? Your mind stops working when the stomach isn’t fed properly and the dedication and passion both would lose its strength. There are various companies out there who love to serve their employees with the best food ever. So what they all do is simply go online and book a service that provides the homemade food. The companies find it pretty easy to deal online rather than every time making calls and asking for the updates.

How do the companies find it easy?
It’s pretty simple and meant to be kept simple though the implementation is not as simple as using it.Initially there used to be web portals for the same. The companies provide sufficient break for the employees to freshen up and satisfy their hunger. The delicious food cannot be missed. The companies go to the web portal of these online food ordering systems and order the food as per their need. All they need to follow is few steps which include registration, verification and validation of e-mail id, entering the current location and ordering the food.

What is tinyowl?
Tinyowl is a company in one of the plush area of Mumbai and that’s Powai. It is an application that came into existence in the year of 2014 that is just last year because of HarshVardhanMandad and a clan of IIT graduates which included ShikharPaliwal, GauravChoudhary, TanujKhandelwal and SaurabhGoyal. Initially, they just targeted Mumbai and the reason was very obvious that they were IIT alumni from Mumbai.Later on, in the next 6 months they started up their ventures in the other cities like Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Pune, Bangalore and Surat. TinyOwl is a first food delivery application on the Android and iOS platform. They initiated with the restaurants in the nearby areas and received a positive response. So they proceeded with approaching various restaurants with better taste and collected their menus for displaying it on their application. Once all the information was collected, the developer team was all set to start with the implementation.

How is tinyowl?
“I own a company here in Bangalore and I am glad to be a user of tinyowl since they have helped me serve my employees in a real efficient way. The way they work is somehow because of tinyowl. I have booked a homemade food delivery service for my company. The very first time I had the food; it was so delicious that I couldn’t stop licking my fingers. It was simply fabulous in the required quantity at the right cost. Being myself IT engineer, I can realize the efforts they have put in to get this into the real existence. Collecting so much of information and then providing it with a flawless service is not everyone’s cup of tea. Its as simple as eating food and I thank the development team of tinyowl.”

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