How Many American People Are Facebook Users

Vincenzo Cosenza made a world map stating that Facebook is most popular Social Networking Website in 119 out of 134 countries. He analyzed the traffic data from Google Trends and Alexa. He further said that in United States, it is on number one and then comes Twitter.

But again the another buzz is that FB is losing the users in US.

The company said that such news against us are fake and no one should believe on them. The spokesman said that they are growing rapidly everywhere including USA and more than 50% of the people who have accounts with them open their accounts atleast once a day. He further added that the senior management is very happy with their present growth and they all are sure to increase world wide, capturing the whole market soon.

Facebook Losing US Users

As per a recent survey by Inside Facebook (website that analyzes the social network for marketers and developers), most powerful nation United States lost 6 million facebook users in just a single month in May. It said that the number fall from 155.2 million to 149.4 million in the month of May, making a huge loss of exact 5.8 million.

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But the report contradicts to what is surveyed by comScore. It says that the users grew from 154 to 157 million in May.
On this, FB has said that InsideFacebook is having the bad data and its reports can’t be trusted. It is denying of any loss to its number anywhere.

Facebook losing users in America
Facebook In America

Currently the biggest social networking channel has around 700 million subscribers across the globe, so just 6 million is not anything for it but this number is only in America and since it’s the company’s homeland, so even 1 account loss is painful here. And the similar like results are coming from other Western countries like UK and Canada etc.

I don’t know if the time has come when people will forget this social channel just like Orkut or the users have got bored with the similar interface and features using all the time. Once Orkut and Friendster dominated the internet and now people have even forgotten it. But I personally hope that it will rise again everywhere.

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