Motorola Mobility sold to Google for 12.5 billion dollars

The Web Giant Google is on its plans to purchase the companies. After Youtube, Picasa etc., the company has now bought the Motorola Mobility also. The deal is been finalized in 12 billion dollars.

The Big G has done this deal due to have a good grip on Mobile Platform. It’s said that with this dealing, the exposure to Android will significantly increase. No doubt at present times also, the Android has snatched a major portion of area from Apple iOS. And now, most probably Android will acquire more market.

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Motorola Mobility is a big American company that makes the mobile handsets. Since the launch of Android operating system, the Mobile Manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have made its phones on Android OS and as such, it has helped Google a lot.

But with the acquiring of Motorola Mobility, the probability of expansion of Android has increased many folds as now the Internet Giant Google can itself make the smartphones with its favorite in-house Android installed in them.
Motorola Mobility sold to Google

This is a great threat to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Apple’s iOS devices. The Big G mainly wants to target Apple’s iPhone as iPhone still is acquiring a lot of market today and Google wants to capture it.

No one can claim today the quality of google software products and now with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, it will start making handsets also. This way the company would be turned to a competitor from partner for Samsung, HTC, and Micromax etc. These all will have a tough competition with Google now. And I think, it will become their biggest business rival.

This deal will have one more plus point for Google as now it will access to its many types of Patent rights, which the company can use to increase its products.

I think the mobile manufacturers will now focus more on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS and Microsoft will have good benefits from this Big G’s deal. Windows Phone 7 shares are probably going to increase now.

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