Google celebrating April Fool Day – Gmail Motion

Today on April 1, 2011, Google is making fun of its readers by its new April Fool Prank- Gmail Motion. Google claims that it has launched a new technology, Gmail Motion. Google claims that you can reply to email messages without any using keyboard or mouse. Big G has also prepared videos for the same and has also embedded one video on its website and is encouraging the users to try Gmail Motion.Β 

But I think, you should try the Motion only if you think yourself to be an April Fool πŸ™‚ Even I was also going to become Fool. Suddenly, I realized that today is April 1 and I saved myself of becoming fool πŸ™‚

G says that you can reply to anyone’s mail, forward the mail to one person or multiple persons or to a group. Instead of using your keyboard and mouse, mould your body into some forms or make some signals just with your hands and rest of the body and Gmail will act according to that motion. It’s really interesting and funny. Isn’t it ?

No doubt it’s a prank but it’s a lovely and beautiful one. It is showcasing the technology to the highest level. I wish this becomes possible one day and that would be the great when the technology and science would be at its highest level. But I think my dream would remain dream only. And if it succeeds, it would be good but at least for that day, this is just a prank πŸ™‚

See the below video in which the mail is acting as per the orders and body movements by Googlers.

Video describing Gmail Motion

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