Here’s what you should look in your stock market app

In this generation, the smartphone apps are making our lives easier. It handles everything right from our food ordering to hotel stays and even stock markets. Now, with so many choices, it often gets very difficult to choose amongst the best stock market apps. But here is a guide that can help. Here are some top things that you should look for, in a good stock market app.

1. Design: A seriousness of developer is transpired through the design, so it is essential to get something that works well for you. Something uncluttered and well-designed, In this segment, there are two stock market apps that tie up – IIFL Markets and Moneycontrol.

2. Optimization of resources: It is yet another factor which should flare very high in your decision-making process. Go for an app that understands that you have limited resources – in terms of both network and battery. In this field. Mobile Trader and IIFL Markets both really are good. others like Moneycontrol take more data over a 2g connection which really makes it a bad choice for those who primarily use apps on mobile networks.

3. Free Resources: An app is more than a search engine or aggregation of resources. It is imperative that it produces it own content too. And that is one place where IIFL gets a straight lead over its peers. It has got free research reports of over 500 companies. IIFL Markets foots the bill of hiring those 50 professionals who work full time to create the reports. Which makes it one of the most unique and resourceful apps around.

4. Trading: For any stock market app, trading is an absolute must. However, only a handful of apps allows their users to trade. Sharekhan and IIFL Markets are amongst the select few. The reason is because only a brokerage company can allow its users to trade through the mobile portal. Therefore, most of the global players like Moneycontrol don’t have this facility. That really deprives users of trading. Imagine how things would be if a user could just see the news and price ticker and then call up the broker to execute the trade. Utter wastage of both time and opportunity.

5. The cost of acquisition: Apps defy the adage that says there are no free lunches. In fact, in the field of technology, the converse is true. For instance, search engine giant Google is available for free, and so is Facebook. Of course, they have their own monetization techniques but then they don’t charge their end users. The same holds good for apps too. Most of the apps are available for free of cost, and there are no in-app purchases too.

Verdict: If you ever decide on using apps for trading, then do consider these five factors, of course, things are volatile and can change, but these five factors are universal and you must base your decision keeping them into account. At this point in time, IIFL Markets clearly takes the lead and flares well on all the five parameters.

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