Search And Earn Money

Have you ever heard about Scour?

Scour is a search engine that pays you to search.

Every scour member is awarded 1 point each for every search, vote and comment. And better yet, if you refer any friend, you get 25% of all their points. They have a lovely Scour Points Calculator to work you out how much points you can earn.

Scour Points Values
650 points     =  $25
12500 points     =  $50
25000 points     =  $100

And, the list goes on…

Not only this, Scour has another interesting feature too.

You might have ever dreamed to search Google, Yahoo and MSN all at one click.

Sometimes if you not find search results according to your wish, you think ‘Had I be the owner of Google, I would have ranked the search results as per my own wish’.

With Scour, you can do all this. Not only you can search Google, Yahoo and MSN together at the same time but can also vote any result up or down.
ScourYes, I am not joking. That’s true, you get paid to search.



The company is saying that with this new search engine and with the idea of selection by the users and displaying the results according to that, it is making a new way to search and you will only be shown what you want to see. The results that you do not want to see will not come to your screen and they will go far down.

Scour also provides plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

As per Scour’s website following plugins and widgets are In Progress…

Browser Search Plug-in (Opera)

Startpage Search Widgets (Netvibes Widget, PageFlakes Widget, iGoogle Widget)

Desktop Search Widget (Windows Desktop Search, MacOSX Desktop Search, Yahoo! Widgets Search)

Check out Scour at Scour Invitation Link

Don’t forget to come back and let share here your experiences with Scour.

Scour SearchScreenshot when I searched

Happy Searching!!!

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  1. sm says:

    yes good information,like it

  2. Thanks for bringing this up! Never knew this existed as well

    Good inforative post on one more way to make money!


  3. sham says:

    Is it really?does it work?

  4. ashish says:

    yaah this site is good……i like it

  5. kenneth says:

    scour stopped giving points

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