How to Secure your Wireless Network

Is your wireless network secure? Yes? No? I don’t know? If you answered yes I will ask you even one more question which is “are you sure?” A lot of new technological gadgets have been developed to help make our lives easier but the problem with these gadgets is that the more developed they are the more risk they involve. A lot of people boast about having a solid wireless internet connection without being able to boast about its security. Computers have been hacked, networks have been hacked and even big companies have been hacked due to them failing to do some basic things when it comes to wireless security. A major question you should be asking yourself always is am I secure? Is my wireless network secure? This post will be giving you some things that make your wireless network not secure.

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You Use the Same Old Password
Do you know the password your wireless router uses? Do you even know it has a password? Who set up the password? These are some very important questions you have to answer correctly. It is very important that you ensure you no longer use the same old password that came with your wireless router when you purchased it because a lot of hackers know this and it can be easily guessed by anybody thus making your network vulnerable. Aside making sure you use a secure password another very important thing you should consider is who knows your password; make sure you are the only person who knows your password because the person with your password is the one in control of your network.

Your password is the life of your wireless router and your whole network so you should always do your bets to protect it.

You Don’t Use Protection Software
How many computer protection software do you know? What do you know about wireless protection software? Aside making sure your password is strong and up to date another very important thing to do is make sure you use protection software for your wireless network. Make sure you have the latest antivirus installed on your server computer; also make sure you turn on your router firewall as these basic things will go a long way to protect your wireless network from being hacked.
Why Wireless Network not secure

You Don’t Care Who Connect
Are you a Good Samaritan who believes you’re helping people by making your wireless internet open and accessible by everybody? You will notice on the long run that even though you think you’re doing people good you’re actually doing yourself harm because it is opportunities like this that hacker are waiting to exploit. You might be saying you have nothing important on your computer so you really won’t be affected if you’re hacked but my question for you is what if hackers use your network to do something illegal?

You have to do your best to make sure you’re doing the right thing to protect your wireless network and the above are some cool tips to help make your wireless network more secure.

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