Shocking News about Ctrl+C

If you are a computer guy you might be a big fan of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V as me was some times before. And to all such persons, this article is must to read. But Thanks to GOD, now I am very well aware of the serious drawbacks of this Cut, Copy, Paste. And now I do take special precautions while doing this and I think you should also follow the same please. Especially when you are connected to internet, don’t forget mine this article.

The people that sit mostly on their computers and when they want to paste anything twice, they just know one operation to do Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V. It is good when you are not connected to any network but when you are connected online to any internet connection then this is not the best to do. The data that you copy by right-clicking your mouse or doing Ctrl+C can be accessed by third party websites. This is called clipboard hack problem.

If the data is just plain information then it is fine but if it is some secret information that you don’t want to reveal in front of all public then you should avoid this habit, atleast when you are online and also when you are in LAN and you fear some your LAN persons. Also, if any person in your Local Area Network is connected to internet then also I would suggest you to stay away from such copy-paste feature.

Shocking News About Ctrl+C

You can also perform this by following below steps:
Copy anything (text data) by doing Ctrl+C.
Click on the link Clipboard Hack
You will see the information in your Ctrl+C on this website.

Clipboard Hacking Measures

So, I would suggest you to follow below steps:

  1. Do not copy your secret credentials like those of your Bank Accounts and Email-Ids and enter them only by typing the keys on your computer.
  2. Use Virtual Keyboard (if the site provides) rather than typing by your pc / laptop’s keyboard. Virtual Keyboard is now-a-days provided by most of the banking websites.
  3. If you can’t use Virtual Keyboard, this is an extra step that you can follow. Open the website. Disconnect your internet and then enter login credentials. After you are done by entering username and password, only then connect the pc to internet and then click Sign-in or Login button.

Clipboard Hacking Prevention Steps

Follow the below steps in order to protect yourself from this hack:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer Browser.
  2. Head over to Internet Options –> Security
  3. Press now ‘Custom Level’.
  4. GO to ‘Security-Settings’.
  5. You will see there ‘Allow Paste Operations via the script’.
  6. Select ‘Disable’ under it.
  7. You are safe now. Congrats 🙂

Please share this article with as many friends as you can to make them aware of this issue with CTRL+C.

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  1. TechZoomIn

    Hmmm thanks a lot for sharing this dude..It’s a type of new technique i see. Can’t trust anything man 🙂

  2. I always use CTRL C. I’m gonna be careful next time.

  3. Thanks for heads up..this is useful info buddy.. I prefer using noscript and few more firefox plugin to keep myself secure from such scripts and sites..

  4. Nice Hack……I was not aware that Ctrl C can be so dangerous.

  5. Tech @ InkAPoint

    Hmm. Very interesting dude. One thing to point out here. Internet Explorer itself has provided you an option to show the copied text. It is available in IE 8 version.

  6. Atul, Thanks for the tip.

  7. Doug Dillard

    How scary is that? I am a HUGE “copy & paste” guy. Thanks for the tip, as I am going to have to make some changes.

  8. Thanks Atul, Today’s technology improved a lot and especially in internet can do anything. So we have to be very careful when sharing sensitive information over the web.

    Again for sharing the wonderful article With the tip

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