Access Facebook On Mobiles For Free

All of you might be enjoying surfing the world’s biggest social bookmarking channel Facebook and chatting with your friends. You all might be visiting Facebook through your desktop computers but many of you might be missing it on your cell phones. The reason may be that you might not be able to afford the internet usage on mobile.

But now, your problem has gone as now you will be able to access this FB on your handsets and that too without paying a single penny.

U2 Opia Mobile is singapore’s software firm that has developed an application, exclusively to solve this hurdle. It will allow you to access Face Book on any mobile-set, for free and not paying any net usage. For this, U2 Opia has done a partnership with Bharti Airtel Telecom Company of India.

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When Airtel came to know of this launch, it agreed to partner at the same time as it has very much hopes in this plan that it’s customers will definitely take this new scheme.

The Telecom Developers have used Unstructured Supplementary Data technique, popularly known as USSD. USSD allows anyone to communicate between anyone’s friends on FB. When you provide access to this app, it will send messages to and will receive them on your walls.

Access Facebook On Mobiles For Free
Facebook On Mobile

Airtel is soon planning to make this service popular everywhere. You can call the customer care department to activate it. Airtel users would be able to send their status for free and Rupee 1 per day would be deducted if you want to enjoy the benefits of whole application. By activating full featured app, you will be able to comment on feeds, like any article, post comments on friends’ statuses, adding new friends and accepting or rejecting their requests.

The lite-version would only allow sending messages to your partners. For full usage, you have to pay something but 1 rupee per day is also not so much amount that needs to be worried. But again, its costing something if one is enjoying complete features.

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