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The biggest video website Youtube has extended its website to show live streaming to its users. It has launched a separate directory for it in which all live would be shown to users.

Joshua Siegel, the Product Manager of You Tube Live project said that this is the first version of our project that will be playing live streaming.

Siegel said that they will be seeing the people’s responses on this initiative that whether this initiative suites to them or not. He is quite sure that users will love this initiative and it will get same good feedback as the old video sharing has received till now.

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Though You Tube is doing Live Streaming from the last many years, but the company is expecting much good response this time. You can also check the live of IPL 2011 by this most popular video website.

The good is that you can broadcast on your own also. Initially, only some you tube users will be able to take advantage of this facility. If Google’s Youtube team considers your account as good, you will be able to show yourself online as you do like in messengers. You can show others what you are doing at present, where you are etc. You can popularize your channel also in this way.
You Tube Live

You Tube Live Streaming Features

1. You can live stream on your own.
2. You can show yourself to others. It doesn’t matter if the person is your friend on youtube or not. Whole world can see you.
3. Others will be able to post comments on your activities on your channel and you will get live updates of comments. Also, all can see each other comments. Just to mention here, currently you cannot post any link in the comments.

In the coming days, hopefully all users would be able to broadcast on their channels.

You can see YouTube live at link

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