WDYL What Do You Love – Search All-In-One Google Products

Big Internet Giant Google has released its What Do You Love website, with which it is aiming to let its users search all its products from one place. The intention is to not let the users leave Google and its products.

When you type any word on the search box and hit the love key (search button is in the shape of love/heart symbol), it will return the results just not from Web or Images, but infact the results will be from all the major services of Big G.

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WDYL What Do You Love Google Search Products

When I searched for my website oceanofweb.com, I got the results from below services:
• Maps
• Youtube videos
• Sketchup
• BlogSearch Blogger
• Calendar
• PatentSearch
• Chrome
• Picassa
• Books
• Earth
• Translate
• ImageSearch
• Mobile
• Voice
• Trends
• Gmail
• News
• Moderator
• Groups
• Alerts
• ProductSearch


WDYL What Do You Love Google
Google WDYL

The above are the services that are showing currently on wdyl.com and it’s been mentioned that more products are going to be added soon. The results from each of the web-service are shown in small frames. The results are Ajax based with no refreshing of page.

This will further advertise all the products of search-giant.

It looks as the G is currently testing it and so no announcement has been done by it on its blogs. It is been launched quietly but we at oceanofweb have caught it :). Also, the results are not safe-search enabled and you get vulgar things as of now. So, proceed at your own risk :).

I saw that the site is using simple design with no colorful backgrounds and logos as currently being practiced by the company for its many apps.

And this is presently online at 2 urls and I think that when it would be launched officially, the one url would be redirected to other as there’s no usage of showing the same thing at 2 places. It would be in its own domain as are the other web-services of Google.

You can visit this online service at wdyl site


  1. Without Google Internet Is not Internet.

  2. WDYL idea is kewl. But I dont think Google or user has much use of it. This is google’s another failed product.

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