Always Kabhi Kabhi Movie Review – Story

Always Kabhi Kabhi is a Romantic Bollywood Movie produced by King Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. It is released under the banners of Red Chillies Entertainment and Eros Entertainment.

The movie is a romantic film with the story that the Bollywood films of 1990s and early 2000s have. It is set in St. Marks School, Delhi. It’s always that the Romantic and Comedy dramas generally get good success in Indian Audiences.

Always Kabhi Kabhi Story

Stars Cast is as follows
• Giselle Monteiro – Aishwarya Dhawan or Aish
• Ali Fazal – Sameer or Sam
• Satyajeet Dubey – Tariq Naqvi or Tariq
• Zoa Morani – Nandini
• Satish Shah
• Lilette Dubey – Ms. Das
• Vijay Raaz – Professor Aggarwal or nick-named as Agro
• Manoj Joshi
• Mukesh Tiwari
• Navneet Nishan – Mrs. Dhawan
• Ashwin Mushran – Rahul Ghosh
• Akash Khurana – Elton Phillips Principal
• Shahrukh Khan in a Special appearance

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The story is of four students of the school. And everything a young student faces in his school-college life is shown in this film. From class bunking to enjoyment having fun with friends, from crushes to break-ups, you will enjoy your college and school movements a lot here.

Sameer is romeo-type boy whose life principle is to achieve everything by shortest path. Sameer did not want to invest his whole life in counting the monthly investments and installments as his Dad does, who is an accountant by profession.

Always Kabhi Kabhi Movie Review - Story
Always Kabhi Kabhi

Aish is a beautiful girl, who takes admission in the school as a new joinee. Aish leads her life by the means as her mother wants to be. She does what her mother wants and her full life is designed by her mom.

Since Aish entered in the school, Sam falls in love with her. He thinks her as her Juliet and wants to have her. Tariq is Sam’s best friend who is very good at studies. His life’s main aim is to study a lot and want to be something in the life.
Tariq use to complement his friend Sameer by saying that his friend is a man who can find the shortcut of every shortcut.
Nandini is very troublesome girl in whole school. She wants to live only on her conditions and that what she lives also. She often breaks the rules and regulations. She is the most envious girl in the school.

The class enters in the final year and Principal Khan and Ms Das decides that their St. Marks will participate in the interschool competition Shakespearewallah’ and will present the Best Romeo and Juliet.

Then each of the characters experiences a series of incidents in their lives. But for all the problems they face, they have only one solution ‘Kabhi Kabhi Jo Dil Kahe, Always Wahi Karein’.

Always Kabhi Kabhi Review

The bollywood romance is very well written by Ranjit Raina and Roshan Abbas. Both halves are almost equally good. The dialogues by Roshan Abbas and Ishita Moitra are more inclined towards youth generation and youngsters, especially college students will like it.

Satyajeet Dubey has given good boy looks. One can easily predict that Actor Ali Fazal is a new-comer and he needs to improve his acting skills. Same is the case with Giselle Monterio and Zoa Morani, who are not been able to give their 100% in their roles.

The other actors’ roles are not so defined. Even King Shahrukh Khan is not able to help much. Song ‘Antenna’ is filmed on him. Editor Sanjay Sharma has done good job in editing. Tanushree Sarkar and Mansi Mehta have successfully done their works as Art Directors. Cinematography by Anshuman Mahaley and Fuwad Khan is good.

I would say if you miss your school life then you can again enter it in this AKK.

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