Murder 2 Bollywood Movie Story and Review

First hearing the name Murder 2, you might be thinking that it’s a successor of Anurag Basu’s Murder that he made in 2004 and from which the actress Mallika Sherawat gained much popularity due to the intimate scenes that she gave in the movie. If you think that the same story will continue in this Bollywood film then don’t think so.

Murder2 is nothing to do with that 2004 released film. It’s true that it’s been cooked with the scenes that show the same intimacy and sex but the story is altogether different. The story shows much blood flowing and extreme cruelness. May be the makers want to do some justification with the title and to much extent; they have succeeded in the same. And the reason that the title is suffixed with numerical 2 and rest the name is kept same might be that the producer wants to attract the same audiences for free, just by keeping the similar name.

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Murder2 Star Cast

The casting actors are:
• Emraan Hashmi as Arjun Bhagwat
• Jacqueline Fernandes – a model who loves Arjun
• Sulagna Panigrahi as Reshma
• Prashant Narayanan as Dheeraj Pandey

Murder2 Story

The story resembles to that of the South Korea movie ‘The Chaser’ that was released in the year 2008. The film goes in the city of Goa, where someone is seriously killing the call-girls and that too wildly. The killer has no pity inside, which is visible from the dead bodies.

Arjun is an ex-policeman who decides that he will expose that cruel killer in front of all. Dheeraj is the person who plots all such murders. He is killing the girls successfully without leaving any sign of indication and proof. But his problems arise when he thinks of killing a girl named Reshma, who is 17 years old having a mother and two sisters. Arjun came to know this and he tries to save her. Now the girl is not alone, Arjun is with him.

Jacqueline is a model whose father left her mother. She is Arjun’s lover. Both love each other but Arjun refuses to give their relation a status that is acceptable by the society.
Murder2 Story and Review

Muder2 Review

The Bollywood movie is based on Thriller and Crime genre and very well resembles its name and the genre. The director Mohit Suri has directed it well and he has provided the thriller moments at proper places, where they are required. The film is produced by Mukesh Bhatt.

The psychological killer Dheeraj has done its job quite appreciable. Emraan Hashmi lost his kissing image but he has regained that image again.

There was no need of Jacqueline and it’s clear that she is taken only to provide sexy and intimate scenes. The story does not want her and she is deliberately introduced in order to grab some of the minutes of the whole drama. I would say had she not been there, Murder 2 could have been made much better and that too without any vulgarity and that can be seen with the complete family. If this way had been followed, the Bhatt productions might have done good business as it is doing presently. Her role is small and useless and it could have been easily taken out and that would have been much better, instead of spicing with just sex.

The dialogues and vulgarity are the drawbacks of this Mukesh Bhatt produced. The character played by Prashant Narayanan makes him the lead. The first half keeps on going but you will lose the interest in the second half and will just wait for the end. You will wait for the final tweak but unfortunately that will never be seen even when the end comes.

You might have guessed from the character Hashmi in the film that it can’t be watched with the complete family and that’s true.

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  1. I have just seen Murder2… Her Role was Very Critical… I think She did justice with Her Role… also Cathed Attention of the Crowd with Her Look & Appeal… Good Luck!! Reshma!! (Sulagna)

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