70,00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank

70,00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss BankSwiss Bank has decided to expose the amount of money deposited by the Indians in its lockers. After this, all people will know who are those people of India who have their Black Money in Swiss lockers and are exploiting Indian common men.

And to the first surprise, Indians have something around 7,000,000 crores rupees in Swiss Accounts. Do you believe this news? And this news is very old. I bet that this total money is increased to many times now. To add more surprise to it, this is the maximum sum of money of any country deposited in the foreign banks. It looks as India has maximum Black Money holders.

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The government of Switzerland has given a written note to the govt of India in which it has made clear that they can disclose the names of all the defaulters who have put the illegal money in their bank accounts. This can expose all the corrupt politicians but don’t know why Indian govt don’t want this and they are not asking the Switzerland for the same, even when Switzerland is agree to disclose the names.

This news is not fake and it’s been published in some of the leading newspapers of India.

One should note that if this money is utilized for the welfare of common man then no man would be poor in our developing country and this huge capital can easily help us to remove all the debt that we have taken from World Bank. This is the money that’s been credited in Swiss after the country got independence on 15 August 1947.

7000 thousand crores INR is a very big sum and the interest alone of this amount can be used to incur from the foreign debt.

And to think more on this is that this is the only one bank we are talking about. There are numerous other banks in the world where the corrupt politicians and big industrialists would be having their accounts filled with illegal money.

And one more thought that strike to my mind is that if bychance the account-holder dies, who will owe that illegal money. Of course the Swiss Bank itself. So, why not that money should be utilized for the welfare of Indian man and humanity? Atleast those poor people will give their blessings and love. And this would be the best task of humanity.

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