9 Year Old Mother

A strange incident happened in USA. A 9 Year Old girl suddenly gave birth to a baby girl. Eyes were shocked and it was hard to believe when doctors saw 5.25lb baby coming out of the belly of a 9 year old girl. Though the mother of the girl is not believing it and claiming that her daughter was forcefully sterilized by the doctors of that hospital.

9 Year Old MotherJust few hours earlier, a 9 year old girl was brought to a hospital in Mexico who was feeling some pain in her belly. She was in terrible condition. When the doctors observed the girl, they found that the pain wasn’t an ordinary one. It was labor pain and the girl was ready to deliver a baby. She was admitted to the labor room where she 9 year old girl, Dafne, gave birth to her daughter. It was quite normal deliver but it was not normal in the sense that the mother was too young to understand the whole phenomena.

No one knows yet about the father of this new born baby girl. Local Hospital of Mexico, Zoquipan Hospital, gave this girl a cute name “Maria de Los Angeles”. Dafne seems unaware of this all matter. There are many thoughts about this birth by a very young girl. Few mouths were uttering that this young girl was raped by someone while others were narrating that this girl was involved in child sex abuse by her 17 year old boyfriend. Her boyfriend was found fled before she gave birth to 5lb Maria in a hospital in Mexico.

DNA tests were conducted to find out the real father. There is some news that the girl was raped several times. A local newspaper reported that her stepfather is involved in this sex abuse and she raped her 9 year old step daughter several time till she got pregnant. Nothing can be claimed with authentication yet as the family ran from the house to some unknown place when the news was broke out and media peoples were approaching them.

It was terrible news for the world and it was scary as well. The mother of Dafne has reported the issue to the Human Rights Commission and blamed the hospital staff for the forceful sterilization of her 9 year old girl. Matter is still a mystery and nothing is obvious yet. Reports are coming and police is investigating the matter as well. Soon the black and brown will be apart in the matter and you will be able to hear the complete story till the end.

Though it was shocking news that a 9 year old girl got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter but still she’s not the youngest mother of the world. The youngest mother of the world was a 5 years old girl who gave birth to a 5lb boy in 1939 in Peru.

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