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Startup is acquired by AOL. is a website that allows users to create their profile pages. Users can pull the data from their social networking channels. It’s just a simple idea but yes the idea is really cool that if properly marketed, can grab a large audience attraction. was launched on December 16 and just after 4 days; it’s now an AOL belongings. However, this startup company did let users to reserve their pages in September.

AOL has not disclosed the money for which it has bought

Tony Conrad, the co-founder of this website has relations with AOL. Conrad also sold his former company Sphere to Aol for around $25 millions.

AOL acquires AboutMe

As per Mr. Conrad, his present firm can prove a boon for everybody including users and investors of AOL mail and AIM.

Consumer Applications Group led by Brad Garlinghouse, would now be joined by Tony Conrad.

This is a great achievement by this startup small firm that it’s being captured by so big brand. It got not only a good money but also fame and name from all around.

Many a times it happens that a small company after getting a good repo in the market is purchased by a big firm. The big guys see that there’s a space for grow and that can be grown to a much wider extent if given proper marketing. So, they buy it and then they progress it under their guidance.

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  1. AOL is trying to show their colors! Not bad 😀

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