Baba Ram Rahim Ji volunteers lend help when Gurdwara building collapsed in Delhi

Delhi Building collapse LaxmiNagarDecember 23, 2010: Nanak-Piao Gurdwara’s wall collapsed around 9:30 am yesterday in North-West Delhi. The building was still in construction.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s welfare force, Shah Satnam Ji Green- S Welfare Force, reached at the spot as soon as they came to know about the incident. There were around 55 volunteers of this force which were in this rescue operation.

It should be noted here that this is not any military force but the Welfare force that is made to help the peoples in case of any disaster whether it is natural or from any other way. The force has proved its name many a times by helping the human beings in many disasters and natural calamities.

The team was headed by Kunwarjeet Insan. Mr. Insan added that some laborers were trapped in the rubbles of the building. He said that they were trying their best to save the human life and they successfully saved 1 man alive also.

The volunteers were all raising slogan ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’. When the people saw these volunteers working at such a rapid pace, they also started raising the same slogans. The whole atmosphere filled with this wording.

But the strange thing was that no media shown the names of these people in front of common man. They took the word ‘Rescue Team’. But don’t know why the word ‘Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force’ was not taken.

NDRF officers and SDM thanked Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

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