My Behaviour In The Bank

The Reason:
Last Tuesday my father asked me to visit the bank and withdraw some cash the very next day. He needed the money urgently and had lost his ATM card so withdrawing cash by cheque was the only option left. He advised me to visit the bank early in the morning to avoid any sort of rush. I too was in a hurry for that day as I had to submit the admission form in a university and it actually was the last day for that.  I had a mood to get over with the bank early so that I could reach the university in time.

The Actual Day:
So I got up early in the morning and went straight to the bank. I managed to reach there at 10am, which I thought was quite early but unfortunately I was wrong and soon I realized that it was 6th, the date when all the pensioners visit the bank to collect their money received as pensions. Quite disappointed at this I entered the bank where there was a queue already waiting to be paid. I submitted my cheque to one of the bank staff members who issued me a token. The token number that I received was 52 and the one that one being served at that very time was 26. This meant that 25 people had to be entertained by the bank staff before I could get the cash.

The university was located on the other side of the city & one sided trip took about 35 minutes so I decided not to leave the bank and leave only after getting the cash. So I had to wait there. Due to the excessive load shedding of electricity and the presence of so many people inside the bank, the building itself had turned into an oven sort of a place where everyone was sweating.

The pensioners are all old age people who don’t understand the system and so was the case here in the bank. Many of them were complaining about the slow staff members and their inability to treat old age people with courtesy and patience. All the people were complaining about the heat and the ineffective air conditioning system present in the bank.

My Behaviour In The Bank

My Unexpected Behaviour:
A volcano was erupting inside me too, as I knew that if I am unable to submit my admission application today, it would really cause a lot of loss for me. I just wanted to get the cash and leave the bank at once, but I don’t know what happened to me all of a sudden. May be it was due to the over thinking and stress that I had been taking regarding my university form that I finally lost it and started shouting all of a sudden about the carelessness and inability of the bank staff who couldn’t tackle the problem of people and that all of the general public is suffering because of them.

I started shouting so loud that all the people began to look at me in bewilderment. My body began to shake and my face turned red. I wasn’t in control of my own self then and didn’t know what was going on. After this people rushed towards me and inquired about the problem, they brought water for me and handed over my cheque to the bank staff to prioritize its processing so I could leave earlier, which they did and I was able to submit my university form in time.

Later that night I informed my family members about what had happened in the bank and they all made good fun of me calling me a drama.

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