Conspiracy of 30 lakhs INR taken to deface Baba Ram Rahim Ji

In order to blemish Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s image, 30 lakh rupees (INR 3 million) was taken by Baba Ji’s former 2 drivers. 2 News Channels Reporters were also made a part of this plot. The drivers were asked to accept that they have murdered DSS follower fakirchand, on Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s orders. After everything was finalized, these drivers were interviewed in a hotel at Sector22, Chandigarh. CBI has explained this in the Closure Report filled in the court.

The former driver was taught clearly as how he should accept the blame of murder in front of media. Whole plot was explained to the driver on his mobile. He was assured that he would be safe and would also get 30 lakhs INR for this. A lady was also part of this game. The lady, who was one of the plotters sister, was held responsible for the payment to all conspirators, so that nobody could doubt them.

It was really a big plot that was constructed to defame Babaji. Those people are worried of the increasing popularity of him and so are continuously trying to find new ways in order to decrease the popularity. They want that his followers stop following him and so that they can do what they want.

It’s very bad to make false traps against any innocent human being.

You can check this news in Amar-Ujala newspaper’s screenshot on DSS website at Conspiracy of 30 lakhs against Baba Ram Rahim Ji
Baba Ram Rahim Ji

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