Death Sentence To Ajmal Kasab

The only one Pak terrorist that is being captured by Indian cops is Ajmal Kasab and the Special Judge ML Tahaliyani today declared the punishment of death for him. Mr. Tahaliyani conducted Kasab’s trial for around a year in the central prison that is situated at Arthur Roadin Mumbai Central.

Ajmal Kasab is just 22 years old Pakistani terrorist and he killed many innocent Indians in 26/11/2008 Mumbai attacks. In this attack, more than 166 persons lost their lives. This terrorist attack can be considered as one of the most dangerous and unforgettable attack in Indian history. 

At 1:28 pm, the judge declared the death for Kasab and added that the man cannot be rescued as if it is done; it would be an injustice not just for the families whose beloved died in 26/11 attack but for wholeIndia. All peoples ofIndiatoday have one wish that the Pakistani terrorist Ajmal should be tortured the same way as he has done to them.

ML Tahaliyani further added that if the court releases him and shows pity on the young man then the common man will lose complete faith in the functioning of parliament and court of India. He added that death punishment is mandatory for Kasab.

As soon as the judge announced him the death penalty, Ajmal was seemed to be sobbing and it was clear as he is regretting of what he has done in the past. He was wearing a simple white dress and was looking very innocent. But in reality he is not innocent. He has attacked not just 166 lives but infact millions of families.

Still, as per Indian laws, the Pak Ajmal can appeal in the High Court and beg for his life.

Please see the below video of Terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

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