Dera Premi Vinod commits suicide

Around a week before, on March 23, 2011, a dera premi, Vinod, a local resident of Sirsa, shot himself and committed suicide. The police found a suicide note from him, which read ‘I am committing suicide because I am depressed by the daily on-going court-hearings of Dera Chief’.

The incident took place when Dera’s Spiritual Master, Baba Ram Rahim Gurmeet Singh Ji was in a court in Sirsa.

Vinod was in his maruti car. Suddenly, revolver sound alarmed everyone’s ears. The local police constable rushed to the voice and found a person with all his clothes and body blooded altogether.

DSS spokesman Mr. Pawan Insan asked their volunteers to not take any such steps. He said that they have full faith in Indian Law. So, the DSS followers should not take any such action and not even think of suicide.

Vinod’s dead body was set to fire by his father in Sirsa. There was a huge gathering by dera-premis at his residence. All dera premis prayed for the peace of his soul.

Dera Premis said that they are very unhappy on losing their one brother and said that the government should soon give justice to them. The police is investigating the false matters from last so many years and are not able to find even a single proof against their spiritual master. They all said that their Guruji is GOD and no false blames on them can reduce their growing popularity. The wrong-doers and enemies of humanity want to destroy the holy image of their Guruji but they would never get success in their wrong activities.

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