Facebook Banned in Pakistan

Face book has been banned in Pakistan after the order of their government to internet service providers to block this Social Networking Site. They released this law on Wednesday. There is a one page named “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” on Facebook which is encouraging the users to post and upload images of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. He was the last prophet of the Islam religion. And Islam people are objecting to upload the images of Prophet Muhammad on the website.

On Wednesday after a group of Islamic lawyers won a court order, Pakistan’s Government ordered to block the Facebook in Pakistan until May 31, 2010. All Muslims in all over the world are feeling great humiliation by this act. According to Islam and even according to any religion, no one has right to play with others feelings in this way.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has also directed all the concerned Service Provider operators to block the use of Facebook by its users so that no body can use Facebook even on their mobiles.

The govt is taking very strict actions and becoming very rude on this new rule and said that it can’t bear that anyone disobeys its order. The social networking channel is against the major public and it should not be allowed by anyone. It said that even public should be happy on this announcement and should not even try to open it.

Please see the below video by the pakistan’s news channel.

Video of Face Book banned in Pakistan

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