Google purchases Manhattan building in New York

Internet Giant Google has purchased the Manhattan building which is at 111, 8th Avenue in New York, United States. The building is 2.9 million square foot.

The price for which the building is sold is still unknown. This news was first published in Wall Street Journal in this early December and the price was thought to be something around 1.9 billion US dollars.

This building already has 550,000 square foot Google office. When it would be acquired completely by this Internet Dominator then obviously it would be big plus point for it.

This building once housed port authority of New Jersey and New York.

If $1.9 billion is the correct amount then this would be a tough price for Google. Though the Big G doesn’t have any issues over money, but then also it’s not a small amount of money and the G will have to touch its foot for at least once to recover this very capital.

Most Expensive building sold

Also, this deal would then be the biggest deal in purchasing any building in America in the year 2010.

Prior to google, the huge building was sold to Taconic in 1998 and in 2004 to Jamestown.

People are doubting on any future sales of the huge building and in the coming future, the prices will increase significantly and it will become very difficult in buying such a huge property at one go. But whatever be the future, Big Daddy has done a good business and a good deal by signing this agreement. It has good future plans related to expanding its area.

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