iPad Thief Sent Her Own Picture To The Owner By Accident


Things can’t get funnier than this! A man has been receiving pictures that have been taken from his very own, lost iPad.

Without having a clue that the she can be seen, the woman who is in possession of the tablet is blissfully taking funny and silly pictures of herself. The actual owner of the tablet, Allen Engstrom, is having the time of his life since he is able to see all the images that she is taking on his iPhone, with the help of iCloud – a feature that syns data with other Apple devices.

In order to entertain his followers and friends, Engstrom has started to post all the pictures that he has been receiving on his Twitter and Facebook pages but he also hopes that it will help him to get his iPad back when and if some recognizes her. Engstrom has become a celebrity in Twitter and Facebook for his original idea and the postings, which are funny and amusing.

He says that it has become a continuous source of amusement for him and goes on to say that one it is so hilarious that he can’t wait to check out what’s waiting for him each day and to imagine that the culprit has absolutely no idea of what is going on – all thanks to iCloud.

He was telling KTHV that he had no qualms about posting the photos on Twitter and joked that it was fun for him and would be a source of entertainment to a lot of other people as well. He as well said that if luck was of his side, someone would one day claim that he or she knew who the “thief” was.

He also added that since both, his email address and name were engraved at the back of the iPad there was no way that the present “owner” is able to claim that the tablet was hers.

The pictures of the woman has become a big hit and Engram gets hundreds of messages and mails everyday with offers and promises that they would keep a watch for the culprit.

So, for all those people who think that they have managed to safely “pinch’ devices such as this must better watch out – there is every chance that you are being watched by the owner himself and for all you know, your pictures may be all over Facebook, Twitter as well as other social media!

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