22 People Killed In KPN Travels Bus Accident In Tamil Nadu

A bus of KPN Travels fall into the pit in Tamil Nadu. The diesel tank of the bus caught fire and took the lives of around 22 people traveling in it. The 22 people included 5 women also.

The bus caught fire at Avalur near Kaveripakkam in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. This place is around 40 kilometers both from Vellore and Kancheepuram and is on Chennai-Bangalore National Highway.

The private AC bus was going from Tirupput to Chennai. It was in very high speed. The driver lost control and the mishap occurred.

The fire spread rapidly and covered the whole bus immediately, leaving no chances of being escaped.

As the speedy bus was about to crash, the driver jumped from the window in order to save himself. Another passenger Karthik Rajan, who was in the last row, came out from the broken window. But to his bad, he was not able to save his wife.

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It was very sad for him as he was seeing his wife burning in front of his eyes.

KPN Bus Accident in TamilNadu
KPN Bus Accident

The driver and Karthik both were admitted in the Vellore Government Headquarters Hospital.

When the Fire Brigade Team reached the spot, the bus was completely burnt in the fire.

It was so bad that some bodies were taken in the plastic bags for Post-Mortem Examination.

The hospital authorities said that they had to conduct the DNA tests to identify the deceased. And the other details were taken from the KPN Travels.

Transport Minister Senthil Balaji, Backward Classes Minister T K M Chinniah and Health Minister V S Vijay reached to the spot when they came to know of this accident. Whole police team including the senior officials also reached at the mishap place.

Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa said that the government would be giving Rs. 1 lakh each to the families of people who were killed in this mishap and Rs. 50,000 to all those who are injured. The money would be taken from Chief Minister Public Relief Fund.


  1. is it the first accident happened in tamilnadu

  2. Now rules and laws are not enforced, so it becomes defunct. Hence the omni bus drivers and owners are not bothered about rules and laws. Have you heard that the bus owner/ director of the ill-fated Pollachi omni bus accident has said ‘His company is following all rules’. So we clearly see faults in govt side in not implementing the rules, we clearly see faults in omni busses management side as they give least respect to the laws. What government has to do is, enforce the law strictly.
    In case of any accidents, 1. Seize the bus permanently. 2. Double the Cost of that bus should be the fine. (Dont give approval to the bus unless the bus owners deposit equal amount of the cost of the bus to the government. Bus owners needs to deposit(Refundable) a good amount of money to the govt before getting license/approavals). 3. Give 1st warning to the bus owner. 4. Cancel the license of the driver. No merci. 5. Cancel the registration of that company. (This makes the bus owners to train the drivers properly. Otherwise they blame the driver and escape from the law). Why should drivers be a scapegoat? Many times drivers are forced to drive fast by the owners.

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