Lady became nude on Hongkong roads after mobile chatting

In the Queen’s Road Central area of Hongkong, the people, whether they were pedestrians or on their bikes or cars, suddenly stopped at a place when they saw a naked lady running on the roads.

A 23-year-old girl, named Li, was talking with her father on her mobile phone. The time was around 6 pm. Suddenly, the girl came in anger and she threw her mobile phone on the road. Then she rushed towards another lady who was giving fliers to all. She started fighting with her and hurt her. The lady felt frightened and started shouting for help from police.

Hongkong Li running naked

When the nearby security guards heard the screaming voice, they rushed towards the lady in order to provide help. They further called police. When Li realized that in some time, the police will arrive; she quickly started stripping. She first removed her jeans, then top and later the inner garments. She even removed her shoes and socks.

She became complete nude and then rushed towards the theatre.

When the people passing nearby saw the young girl in naked condition, they slowed down and rushed towards the girl. They took out their cameras and started taking photographs of the naked lady.

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After covering some distance, she went in the Watch shop and started scanning the shop. When the shopkeeper saw the naked lady, he along with his assistants came out of his shop and shouted for the help.

A police officer came to the shopkeeper’s help. He went inside and asked the nude lady to be at her place. But the girl ignored the man and ran outside the shop. The officer chased her and grabbed her hand. The police officer removed hat from his head and started covering the lower part of the woman.

By that time, Li’s father also reached at the spot. He saw Li’s clothes and then asked the people about Li. They directed him to the place where she was.

On seeing the father, Li covered her breasts with her hands. A woman gave Li her jacket with which she was able to cover the upper part of the body. Li, along with her father, then sat in the police car. The woman was then sent to the hospital for examination.

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