Model Natasha Padbidri Commits Suicide

Natasha PadbidriAfter some days of suicide of Viveka Babajee, one another model of Mumbai committed suicide on Sunday. Dead body of Natasha Padbidri was found hanging in her room with her ceiling fan.

Natasha Padbidri was a 30 year old model living in a flat at Petricorn Bulding, Neptune Apartments on Mandir Masjid Road in Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai. According to police, the female model hanged herself with a ceiling fan with her scarf in her flat’s bedroom.

Police said that few years ago, Natasha Padbidri did some modeling assignments. She was not getting any type of work these days and was in search of work. Police further added that she was suffering from depression and all this happened due to her depression.

According to one official, Natasha was living alone on the fifth floor while her family, brother Sheron and mother Rosa, was living on the ground floor in another flat of the same building. Natasha was living alone in her flat and used to take meal with her family at their flat.

On Sunday, her brother went upstairs to her flat to call her for lunch, knocked at the door several times. But when he didn’t get any response from her, he came back and told his parents that the girl is not responding. The parents went to the model’s flat but again found no response. Then they called the police. And when the door was broken, all found her hanging from the ceiling.

In this month, this is the second case of suicide by a model in Mumbai. Prior to this, a super-model Viveka Babajee was also found dead under similar conditions in Mumbai at her flat.

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  1. jaganmangat

    this is really bad,suicides are increasing too much just because of unemployment and loss of work.

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