Gas Cylinder Blast in Nashik, Maharashtra

A powerful blast took place in Nashik, Maharashtra on Wednesday 8 June 2011.

The blast took place at around 3 pm in Saptashrungi Building in Tarwala Nagar in Pachavati area of Nashik, Maharashtra.

The blast was so powerful that it damaged 2 storeys of the building completely. Many vehicles were parked in the basement, which were thrown away from the blast explosion and the sound of this blast. The vehicles chucked out by at least 10 feet. Along with this, the other buildings in the surrounding region were also damaged.

The worse is that this Nashik building has almost residential apartments. Only some of the apartments are being taken for commercial purposes.

Till now, around 4 dead bodies have been taken out of the rubbles and seven people are reported seriously injured. All the injured persons are being taken to the hospital.

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The blast was so powerful that it shook whole building and now the situation is that it can fell anytime.

Nashik Blast News
Nashik Blast

The rescue team is carrying out their operations since the explosion occurred. But due to instability of the Nashik building, the rescue team is unable to carry the operations with full fledge.

As per police, the explosion is due to a cylinder blast, but the local people are saying that a cylinder cannot blast so powerfully. As per them, it could be some planted explosion.

Panchavati is a highly residential area but at the time of explosion, it was not so much crowded.

Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, Bomb and Dog Squad Teams have already reached the site. The RAF (Rapid Action Force) team members and the local police are investigating the issue.

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