When will Sensex touch the Level of 21500

The market is going up and down daily. It is becoming impossible for the investors to predict what will happen in the market in this situation. If one day, the market goes up by 300 points then soon after the next day, it comes down by 500 points. That’s why most of the investors only trust to invest through Mutual Funds.

The question now is that when will be the day when market will touch the level of 21,500. According to a stock market expert, the Bombay Stock Exchange could touch the 21,500 points from now in a year and if the conditions remain better then it can be before one year time-period also. The experts also suggest that investing in the mid cap and small cap stocks would be better than investing in frontline stocks because the mid cap and small cap stocks can give better returns.

Currently, the market is residing at the level of 19,500. But within a year, we will be seeing the market at the level of 21,500. But in the coming months, in the views of experts, the market as expected could trade in the range between 17,000 and 21,000. In the opinions of market experts, there are better investment opportunities in small-cap and mid-cap stocks which are grossly undervalued.

Perhaps the Indian market is also affected by recently happened Japan disaster. On reconstruction, Japan will have to spend hundreds of billions to again stand in the market.


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