Kamchatka Shiveluch Volcano Erupts in Russia

Sheveluch or Shiveluch is one of the most active and largest volcanoes in Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Kamchatka Peninsula keeps around 100 volcanoes and is located along the Pacific ‘Ring Of Fire’. Sheveluch is 10,770 feet (3283m) high. Once again it is active and on Friday emitted the ash that crossed the 10,000 feet height from earth. The sky was all filled with the emitted ashes.

The scientists are predicting a further increase in eruption and they are saying that a much larger eruption is expected soon.

The volcano has been throwing the volcanic steam, ash, lava flows in an intermittent manner from the past 10 years.

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During the past 11,000 years, Sheveluch has and had more than 60 explosions, with the most ruinous ones happened in 1854 and 1956. In these years, the much of the lava dome collapsed and the avalanches were seen all around. The avalanches of snow and mud created chunks and junks of rubbles and debris all around.

The last Volcanic Eruption occurred in the late May 2011, which sent ashes to a height of around 7.5 kms from sea level. Then suddenly an earthquake came which shook all around the atmosphere. The earthquake lasted for around 10 minutes.
As per the seismic data, on June 15, ashes went as high as 10 kilometer or 32,800 ft. The gas activity was being observed a week before the listed date. On June 10, small gas-steam cloud went upto 26 kilometers.

On Sheveluch, VAAC in Anchorage had an orange alert, having little ongoing emissions in the past month. Kizimen and Karymsky are currently marked as orange alerts.

Kamchatka Shiveluch Volcano Video

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Sheveluch Volcano Emission in Russia
Sheveluch Volcano


Shiveluch Volcano Ash Emission in Russia
Shiveluch Volcano Ash


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