Total Lunar Eclipse on December 20 21 2010 – Last Eclipse of 2010

Last Lunar Eclipse of 2010 will occur on 20 and 21 December.

The total lunar eclipse will begin at 10.58 AM IST and will last till 4.36 PM IST.

Since the eclipse is when India will have day, eclipse moon would not be visible to Indian population but it can be seen by Americans, West Africans, Europeans, Australians, Pacific Ocean, northern and eastern Asia and Philippines.

This eclipse is in special as on this Tuesday, winter solstice will coincide with Total Lunar Eclipse after 372 years.

As per Geoff Chester of U.S. Naval Observatory, the 2 astronomical events will coincide first time after it happened on 21 December 1638.

December 21, 2010 is also the shortest day of the year as people who are living on northern side of earth’s equator will experience winter solstice.

CB Devgun, president of SPACE (Science Popularization Association of Communicators and Educators) confirmed that India’s capital, Delhi will have sunrise at 07:09 am IST and sunset at 05:29 pm IST on December 22, the day of winter solstice, which will be at 05:08 am IST.
Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010

As per N Raghunandan of Planetary Society, next Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on 15 June 2011 in India.

How To Check 2010 Lunar Eclipse Timings
You can check the exact timings of this Total Lunar Eclipse of any country at 2010 Lunar Eclipse Timings

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