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How To Protect Business Assets in Divorce

Divorce is usually difficult to deal with. The business suffers as it undergoes intense scrutiny on how much it is worth. The maximum production that it can reach and whether it is possible to exceed its current production rate. The valuing process of the business involves high stakes as the […]


Get a Grip on Your Technical Debt

Tech debt is the job you’re putting off to complete a task. If you try to cut down the corners, stating “I’ll get back to this later”, you’ve incurred a tech debt and you’d better find an idea to fix it. If you do not go for a rational plan […]


All About Technical Debt in a Summary

One thing which continuously punches software is the frequency with which tech debt and bad coding are conflated. Let’s commence with this: Not all tech debt involves bad coding and not all bad coding leads to technical debt. Often poor code is just badly coded stuff. Assuming it to be […]