How to Say PAPA in Different Languages

With Mothers Day arrival, I added a new category SpecialDays to my blog. On that day, I posted 2 articles on Mothers Day.

Here are they:
•Happy Mothers Day
•25 Reasons I Love My Mother

Since, today is fathers day, 1 more post is going to add in the category SpecialDays. Like Mothers Day, Fathers Day is also celebrated on different dates worldwide. In India, this day falls on every third Sunday of June month. So this time, its today on June 21,2009.

Once I Posted on How to say I Love You in 100 languages. But before reading I Love You in 100 languages, be sure to read Various Replies of I love you .On this fathers day, I am going to tell you How to say Father in different languages.

DAD in Different Languages

Afrikans (in Africa): Vader

Bangla: Baba or Abba

Basque: Aita

Bolognese: Peder

Portuguese (Brazil): Pai

Breton: Tad

Chinese: Ba

Czech: Otec, Tata

Cree (in Canada): Papa

Croatian: Otac

Dutch: Vader, Papa or Pappie

Dakota (in United States of America): Ate

East African: Baba

English: Dad, Father, Daddy, Papa, Pop

Filipino: Tatay, Itay, Tay or Ama

French: Papa

German: Banketi or Papi

Galician: Pai

Hebrew: Abba

Hindi: Papa or Pita-ji

Hungarian: Apa, Apu, Papa or Edesapa

Icelandic: Pabbi or Faðir

Irish: Daidi or Athair

Italian: Babbo

Indonesian: Bapa, Ayah or Pak

Judeo: Spanish, Padre, Baba or Babu

Japanese: Otosan or Papa

Kenya: Baba

Kiswahili: Baba

Kikuyu: Baba

Ladin: Pere

Latin: Pater, Papa or Atta

Malay: Bapa

Maltese: Missier

Modern Greek: Babbas

Mexico: Ta

Norwegian: Far or Pappa

Nepalese (in Nepal) : Buwa

Persian: Pitar, Pedar or Baabaa

Polish: Tata or Ojciec

Portuguese: Pai

Quechua: Tata or Churiyaqe

Romanian: Tata, Parinte or Taica

Russian: Papa

Sanskrit: Janak

Slovak: Otec

Sicilian: Patri

Swedish: Pappa

Spanish: Papa, Viejo or Tata

Swiss German: Vatter

Turkish: Baba

Urdu: Abbu, Abba, Abbu-jaan, Abba-jaan

Venetian: Pare, Papa, Opa or Pupa

Welsh: Tad

Happy Fathers Day to you all !!!


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