Celebrate Valentine Day with Serenade Live Event

I know Valentine Day is coming near and you all might be waiting for this day from last 1 year. This time, I am going to make it more special for you, with the help of ‘Heineken’. You might want to sing the song for your beloved on this day. You might be searching for new romantic and comedy audios and videos so that you can impress your partner.

Whether you are able to get the song from somewhere or not, I am sharing here one of the videos by Heineken which is in the ongoing campaign Serenade ‘Open Your World’.

The video keeps an app of the biggest social networking website Facebook. The application is of Valentine’s Day special and it was launched on February 1.

The good is that when you will click on the video, you will be taken straight to the application and from there, you will have full choice of creating your self Serenade for a date in just four clicks. You need to select the following fields:
• Who – You want to mention that with whom, you want to go on the date.
• Why – You need to tell the reason that why you want to go on the date with that person.
• What – You need to tell that what you want to do on the date.
• Why Me – You should tell that why your partner should go with you.

After filling all fields, you need to wait for the confirmation. This is must for both partners to send and open their respective Serenade. The live that will take place on February 9 in London, England at local timings of 6pm-3am. The event will be a global event and will remain for 8 hours from the starting time. This will also be streamed and shown on the youtube channel of Heineken.

So, be ready for the Valentine day with #Serenade Your Date.

Serenade Video


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