Asus Unveiled Worlds First Glasses Free 3D Laptop

Asus has unveiled the World’s First Glasses Free 3D Laptop. It has been revealed at the Computex in Taipei this week.

The technology of the Republic of Gamers G53SX Laptop converts 2D visuals into 3D.

Asus is also boasting of its Mixed 3D-2D Mode. As per the company, the lappy will be displaying both the D effects in different windows. One window will show 2D effect and the other will show the same thing (whether it’s a video, an image, a movie or a video-game) in 3D.

You will be able to see both the tech effects in 2 different windows so you can correlate between them, if you want.

But we are not sure why one would need this feature that he/she wants to view both the D’s at same time. But then also, the feature is cool and amazing.

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It would be for the people, especially children who love playing computer games and very much addicted to gaming. It will make gaming easy and you will get more entertained while playing the games on your computer screen.

Asus 3D Gaming Laptop
Asus 3D Gaming Laptop

Asus 3D Gaming Laptop Configuration

The gaming laptop is built on new configuration and has latest hardware in it, so that it is able to support the heavy games and videos.
It has:
• CPU – Intel Core i7
GeForce 560M Graphics Chip
• Motherboard – Z68

The manufacturer has taken care of the hardware specifications so that it may not become too costly to buy for common man.

The company has also announced that it will soon launch the Desktop gaming computers also and the start would be with the Republic of Gamers CG8565.

Asus 3D Laptop Price

The price is still unknown and the company has not announced yet.

Surely, this new invention will take the technology to new heights and the common men children would be able to enjoy new era games sitting in their homes.

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