The Top Stupid Apps for Android

Stupid is everywhere, even on Android. Some apps try to tell if you’re stupid, some tell stories about stupid people. Some apps themselves are just stupid. These apps are all different in their own ways, but they share at least one thing – they all have something to do with being stupid.

Stupid Android apps

Stupid Quiz
This is a quiz for Android that intends to gauge whether you’re stupid. It has a very simplistic interface, asking basic questions and allowing you to choose one of two or more options. This is clearly an app that was written by an entry-level developer, and most of these apps for free. Stupid Quiz is different, though, it costs $0.99. The actual part of this app that checks whether you’re stupid might be whether or not you’re willing to fork over cash for it. Users would be better off saving the dollars wasted on apps like these and upgrading their cell phone plans.

The Stupid Test
Unlike Stupid Quiz, The Stupid Test actually presents basic things like a GUI and a halfway interesting test. It’s free, too, further reducing the merit of Stupid Quiz’s existence. The Stupid Test has a number of different trick questions and riddles for you to work your way through. It’s not reinventing the app, but it is at the very least mildly entertaining. As a free download, it’s certainly priced right and should be good to kill a few minutes. It is plagued with glitches that prevent it from starting, though, so you might install it only to find that it doesn’t work on your phone.

Stupid Button
You’ve probably heard of the Easy Button. It’s a marketing gimmick that the retailer Staples has used for a number of years. Well, developer Volante Studios has created their own button – the Stupid Button. The app is simple enough. Load it up and a big, red button appears with the text “Stupid” written across it in white. Tap the button, and a phrase plays announcing that was stupid. That’s all the functionality that the app offers. There are no other uses or functions to be found. It is amusing once or twice, but it definitely doesn’t warrant the $1.99 price tag that’s associated with it.

Are You Stupid
Are You Stupid is an app by T.A.G. App Developers. Its description says that it’s a stupid test meant to try and fool you, but there’s just one problem – it doesn’t work. There are a few reviews, all giving the app one star and also concurring that it doesn’t work. Here’s a tip for future app developers: If you’re going to develop an app for users to gauge whether or not they’re stupid, make sure that your app isn’t stupid before you launch it to the market. People don’t pay upwards of $50 a month for their cell phone plans to have access to apps that provide no function.

Stupid Criminals
Of the five apps listed here, Stupid Criminals might be the one that gives the most value to its users. Stupid Criminals is a free app featuring over 100 stories about the dumb things criminals do that end up getting them caught. It’s mildly entertaining if you’re a fan of that sort of entertainment, and as a free download it will at least serve as good bathroom reading material. Give it a shot, because it’s a pretty solid app.

Stupid is everywhere, and these apps show it. The apps that give value are worth downloading. As for the other ones, well, at least we can have a laugh at their developers.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Cell Phone Expert where you can compare cell phone plans. When Ruben is not writing articles, he’s producing or composing music for short films and other visual arts.

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  1. stupid quiz is really very nice application..other stupid application are also great..thanks for sharing…

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