Why Apps May Be Your New Best Friend

The quip “there’s an app for that” made when someone is struggling to do something is not far from the truth. Although the physical world may look fairly similar to the one we lived in at the turn of the century, how we live in this world is different.

While technology is changing the world on almost all human frontiers to the extent that human knowledge is doubling every 12 months, much of this change is abstract.

We hear about it in the news. It comes up in conversations. It’s described in commercials. And we may experience the benefits of upgrading our old computer with a newer one that has a faster processor, better working memory, more storage, and faster connectivity, but that too is subtle.

However, with an app, the benefits of technology are right there before us. We can play with it and do things that make a difference to us – like using GPS to drive to an unfamiliar address or instantly scheduling a new appointment without needing a paper calendar.

Astonishing Evolution
We live in a time that would have astonished the brightest minds of earlier generations. Even a genius like Thomas Edison would have been astonished if you told him what you could do with the mobile phone in your hand. For instance, you can:
• • Make a phone call or text.
• • Use a GPS to drive around an unfamiliar city.
• • Pull up a map and navigate with a compass.
• • Take a picture at any time.
• • Capture your epic experience with a video recorder.
• • Entertain yourself with a game when you have to wait for someone to show up.
• • Turn on a flashlight when you need to look under the hood of your car at night.

Changing Life As We Know It
Today, it’s estimated that there are about 5 billion mobile phone connections on the planet. This rise in popularity is not because people want to communicate more, but because of the plethora of apps that make their phone the ultimate personal organizer.

Mobile apps are changing how we do business. It’s changing how we learn. It’s changing how we play with each other. And it’s changing how we interact with each other. Let’s take a look at these four ways apps are changing our world.

1. Business Apps
While you are undoubtedly familiar with apps for personal productivity, information capturing and collaboration, these are not the only business apps. There are other nifty apps available, too. Some like a live engagement marketing app can completely energize the success of a trade show, conference, partner summit, expo, sales kickoff, or leadership forum. It dazzles customers, impresses members, engages employees, and generates ways for exhibitors to capture leads.

2. Learning Apps
Using your mobile phone, you can read a book through Amazon Kindle, learn a language through Duolingo, and watch an educational video on Khan Academy.

You can even do some things that you would have thought impossible until you saw it for yourself. One example is learning math through Photomath. Android Authority describes how it works: “Photomath is a unique application that can help you learn mathematics. The way it works is simple. You take a picture of your math problem and the application will show you how to solve it. It’s kind of like a calculator because it does give the solution but, more importantly, it will also show you the steps on how to get there so you can learn the process yourself.”

3. Entertainment Apps
There are times when we are in situations that can be painfully boring. You’re standing in line. You’ve done all your work and you’re waiting for your shift to be over to punch out. You’re stuck in the dentist’s waiting room. You’re at the DMV.

Before the advent of the mobile phone, we would use these opportunities to notice every blemish on the wall, inventory all our pressing problems, or numb out by falling into a stupor.

Today, you can text your friend, check up on Facebook posts, send a witty tweet, see how your stocks are doing, or play Angry Birds. You can even play chess with world champion Magnus Carlsen using an app called Play Magnus.
If you can’t find something to entertain you, you haven’t downloaded the right app.

4. Communication Apps
It’s easier to talk or text from almost anywhere. You can do it through your phone provider’s service or use Skype, What’s App, Google Duo, or Marco Polo. You can even share videos or pictures or posters.

Meeting someone is easier than ever before. You can find out where to go without having to take down a long list of navigation directions. You can tell them when you’ll be late because you’re stuck in traffic. And you can even open up the conversation if you’re the first one there by engaging them on the phone.

You can also share your vacation, birthday party, or other memorable event through your camera. Within minutes of stepping on your cruise ship or before making your bungee jump, you can share a picture or a video on Facebook about your latest adventure.

It’s the New Normal
Apps are now such an integral part of life that we can’t imagine the time before they became mainstream. You use it to wake up on time, send quick messages, network with friends on social media, catch up on current events, compare sale prices, drive around town, and so much more

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