A compact PC from Asus: ASUS ET2040

Asus has once again strikes the laptop market in India with its new launch of Asus All-in-One PC ET2040. This sis awesome gadget one can own and is quite stylish and super functional at the same time. The design of this particular device is meant for the recent trending of getting smaller and smarter day by day. The model is very efficient in space management and is extremely lightweight and super easy to handle. Although it is a tiny little device but it has got all the things that a user can expect from a powerful personal computer. To get the proper view and to experience the look and feel of the Asus ET2040 you can click here. This device is a powerhouse and contains plenty of space in the hard drive and a 100 GB of free cloud storage from Asus. It has a beautiful picture resolution and a better pixel rate. If you are looking for a windows desktop personal computer then Asus ET2040 is the best option currently in the market.

Asus ET2040 is built for taking as less space as it can. It is ultra-thin measuring only 14mm and it is feather weight like 3.5 kg and thus it is very handy and is quite fashionable also. The 19.5 inch screen is richer with pixels and has got a good picture resolution. This device can be used in tight spaces and offers the user with an ultimate experience. It is easy to carry and has a support stand. You can see pictures of the might ET2040 in this website. The Asus Et2040 has the ability to run for at least half an hour all by itself whenever there is any electrical fails. People loses their files and documents if there is any sudden power failures but the Asus Et2040 can buy you some time as long as half hour allowing you to save all the files and documents and thus preventing you from losing all the valuable data accidentally.

Asus Et2040

It is powered by a super-fast Intel processor and the daily tasks can be done effortlessly with this device. It caters to all the needs from business works to photo editing or gaming Asus ET2040 can deliver all round facilities. The machine runs smoothly when a graphic intensive game is running and supports multiple apps. In other words it is a complete package and is extremely useful. Whatever may be your need work or game ET2040 can deal with it. This device is available online in Amazon as well as in Stores also.

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